9. 3. 2007 - CSA Signs a One-Year Aircraft Lease with Air India

Prague, March 9,  2007

Czech Airlines (CSA) has signed a one-year contract to lease an Airbus A310 to Air India. The lease includes the plane's crew. The aircraft will be based out of the airport in Bombay, India from which it will be regularly servicing Bangkok, Hong Kong, New Delhi and Kuala Lumpur starting in April 2007. CSA made a decision to lease the long distance aircraft after shutting down its regular service to Dubai, which opened up the availability of this aircraft. Compared to the service to Dubai, which had been operating at a loss for an extended period of time, the year-long lease of this aircraft to Air India should generate several hundred millions of Czech crowns in earnings. All current CSA regular and charter flights, operated with an A310 aircraft, will remain unaffected. 

The lease has been signed for a 12 month period, during which time CSA will provide Air India with the aircraft, including a crew of two pilots and a senior member of the cabin crew along with insurance and technical maintenance. Five three-member crews and roughly ten technical maintenance staff will be taking monthly turns being station with the aircraft in Bombay. Due to language concerns, the Czech cabin crews will be replaced with local cabin crews, who will be trained in accordance with Czech aircraft operating regulations and with knowledge of this particular aircraft.

For the year-long lease period, the CSA plane will be temporarily repainted as an Air India plane. The aircraft will be flying five times a week from Bombay through Hong Kong to Bangkok and twice a week it will fly the route Bombay-Kuala Lumpur-New Delhi.

Air India is India's largest international air carrier. The airline provides service to 95 different destinations throughout the world. Along with its low cost subsidiary, Air India Express, it operates a fleet of 49 aircraft, of which 19 are Airbus A310s.

Daniela Hupáková

CSA Press Spokesperson