07. 01. 2010 - Josef Adam to Manage Human Resources, IT, and Legal Matters at Czech Airlines

Prague, 7 January 2010

Josef Adam will be Czech Airlines’ Vice President for Human Resources, Information Technologies, and Legal Affairs from 16 January 2010. The position was temporarily held by Marcela Hrdá, who is leaving the company.  The responsibilities of the division Vice President will now include legal matters. Josef Adam, who formerly worked in the legal department of Prague Airport (Letiště Praha), has been a member of the Czech Airlines Management Board since 19 October 2009.

Chairman of the Management Board and President of Czech Airlines Miroslav Dvořák said when commenting on the change: “I am pleased to announce that the last key senior management position has been filled. Josef Adam has shown directly on projects at Czech Airlines that his abilities are a definite benefit for us. He has left his current position at Prague Airport and now focuses fully on implementing individual measures in the long-term stabilisation plan of Czech Airlines in the areas newly entrusted to him.

Josef Adam graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University. After completing his studies, he worked in law firms. In August 2007, he joined Prague Airport, where he was a manager in the legal department and also participated in the company’s major projects. He was one of the key figures involved in transforming the state-owned company Správa Letiště Praha into the joint-stock company Letiště Praha. Since 19 October 2009, when he became a member of the Czech Airlines Management Board, he has also participated in key projects and transactions in restructuring and stabilising the airline which are currently under way. He left Prague Airport in January 2010, having accepted the position of Vice President for Human Resources, Information Technologies, and Legal Affairs.

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson