06. 12. 2011 - Czech Airlines Changing its Model of Operations in Slovakia

Prague, 6th December 

Czech Airlines will no longer operate its scheduled flights from Bratislava and will discontinue air service to Poprad and Žilina. This decision is based primarily on financial reasons. The Airline has decided to take this step due to Slovak passengers’ declining interest in using the service, and the dropping bookings for the first quarter of next year.  The decision was accelerated by the illegal protest of some of Czech Airline’s pilots, the announced strike readiness, and the need to ensure sufficient capacity on scheduled flights operated from Prague.

Czech Airlines is abandoning its unprofitable activities, but continues to look for new opportunities. For example, to Russia and Ukraine, it is dispatching an additional twenty flights per week this winter. There are also new destinations in the flight schedule, in the form of the long-haul flights of Etihad, and on 18 December, the first aircraft will be dispatched on the Baku route. Czech Airlines continues to have a presence on the Slovak market, as its service to Košice will carry on in line with the current winter flight schedule.

Czech Airlines announced capacity reductions on individual routes and the discontinuation of operations on certain routes last month, in its letter to the unions and to all employees.  It is a step whereby Czech Airlines is responding to market developments and the growing crisis in Europe.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
and Press Spokesperson
Czech Airlines Group