06. 05. 2008 - Czech Airlines Attracts New Passenger and Aircraft Handling Customers

Prague, 6 May 2008

The Czech Airlines Ground Operations Division, which provides handling services at Prague Airport, has won new contracts.  Since mid-April, Czech Airlines’ handling staff has been handling the regular flights of the Swedish carrier City Airlines and the charter flights of an Egyptian carrier, Air Cairo. Czech Airlines presently accounts for some 60 percent of handling at Prague Airport.

The increasing demand among external clients for Czech Airlines’ handling services is evidence of their high quality.  Furthermore, our largest clients from the SkyTeam Alliance, as well as Lufthansa and Swiss, regularly inspect the quality of our services.  They put great emphasis primarily on the willingness and qualifications of staff, speed of handling, regularity of operations, etc.  Czech Airlines Handling has always faired excellently on those tests,” said the Vice-President for Ground Operations, Peter Jusko.  For example, Swiss recently praised Czech Airlines’ handling services, when it rated Prague as its best European destination.

Last year, Czech Airlines handled 7.1 million passengers at Prague Airport, on 104,000 aircraft departures and arrivals.  The number of the passengers handled has thus increased by 2.7 percent and the number of the aircraft handled by 3.5 percent.  Czech Airlines provides handling both for its own aircraft as well as for the flights of other carriers operating out of Prague.  In most cases, these are major European carriers with scheduled carriage.  Czech Airlines’ handling clients also include the small aircraft of private clients and special one-time flights, such as those of foreign government representatives or the flights of large-capacity cargo planes.

Czech Airlines’ customers include its alliance partners – the members of the SkyTeam Alliance (Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Korean Airlines, and Aeroflot), as well as other airlines, such as Lufthansa, Swiss, SN Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Malév, JAT, SAS, Finnair, and a number of other carriers with regular and charter carriage.

The passenger handling staff, among other things, is responsible for checking passengers and their baggage in at check-in counters.  In VIP lounges, they attend to the comfort of Business Class passengers.  At departure gates, they ensure the timely and safe boarding of passengers.  To passengers who are only using Prague as a transfer point, they provide the required assistance.  In the event of non-standard operating situations, they arrange for substitute routing for cancelled flights, hotel accommodation, or the payment of financial compensation.
Directly on the apron, aircraft handling staff take care of the tasks required from the time of an aircraft’s arrival until its departure to the destination.  Upon arrival, they arrange for the provision of a passenger boarding bridge or stairs and for baggage unloading.  Before departure, they organise aircraft cleaning, refuelling as requested by the captain, the loading of baggage, goods, and post with a view to a precise balancing of the aircraft, and everything up until the pushing of the aircraft away from the gate.  In winter, they also take care of the safe de-icing of the aircraft surface.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Spokesperson