6. 4. 2007 - CSA Establishes Two New Subsidiaries – Air Cargo Terminal and Air Czech Catering

Prague, April 6, 2007

Two new subsidiary companies of Czech Airlines (CSA) were registered with the Czech Commercial Registry in early April. The first of the newly established companies is Air Cargo Terminal a.s., which is the operator of the recently built cargo terminal at Prague's airport and which is in charge of general air cargo handling services. The second of the companies is Air Czech Catering a.s., which has taken over all of CSA's catering functions. Both companies are 100% owned by Czech Airlines. 

The establishment of the new subsidiary entities was approved in January at a special shareholders' meeting and the decision was the first step in the planned sale of both companies. CSA however only intends to sell the companies if the sale would be advantageous to the airline.

Czech Airlines has retained the cargo handling operations for its own aircraft, which will allow the carrier to continue to offer its own cargo carrying services. CSA Cargo will therefore continue to be operated as a strategic business unit of the airline, offering air cargo services for the shipping of goods and mail. The new subsidiary, Air Cargo Terminal, will be in charge of the clearance of the goods and all other handling services.

As of April 1st, 534 CSA employees were transferred to the newly established subsidiaries. As of the same date, the Czech Civil Aviation Authority issued a permit to provide handling and ground services at Prague's Ruzyně Airport to the new subsidiaries.

Vladimír Perný became the Director and Chairman of the Board of the newly set up subsidiary Air Cargo Terminal. Before April 2007, he worked as the head of CSA Cargo. Jan Grabmüller, who previously held a position as a sales manager, will become the new head of CSA Cargo, which is a standalone sales unit of Czech Airlines. František Ševčík became the Director and Chairman of the Board of the new subsidiary Air Czech Catering. He previously worked as the Executive Director of CSA's onboard services unit.

Brief Resumes

Vladimír Perný (38) – went to school at the Prague University of Economics and between 2002-2003, he attended De Paul University Chicago/CMC Čelákovice and received an MBA. He joined Czech Airlines in early 2006 from the firm Čechofracht, where he had worked for the last 13 years in a number of management positions – the last of which was as the Director of Sales. After joining CSA, he became the Director of the CSA Cargo unit. He speaks English and Russian.

Jan Grabmüller (36) – attended Charles University in Prague with a major in physical education and sports. From 1993-1997, he worked for British Airways World Cargo in customer service and sales positions. From 1997-2005, he worked for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as Business Development Manager and later as the Cargo Sales Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In this position, he was responsible for the development of the local cargo sales office. In 2005, he became a Senior Project Manager at Air France – KLM, where he was responsible for the integration of cargo sales operations in a newly set up holding company. He has been with CSA Cargo since mid-2005, where he last worked as the Cargo Sales Manager. Jan Grabmüller speaks fluent English and some German, Russian and Norwegian.

František Ševčík (32) – went to school at the Prague University of Economics. From 1999-2003, he worked as a manager at the Gebrueder Weiss logistics firm, where he was involved in logistics operations and later in sales. Between 2003-2005, he worked for the Maersk Agency as a Senior Sales Executive. He joined CSA in 2005 as a CRM Manager and in the middle of 2006, he was appointed to direct the airline's catering unit. František Ševčík speaks English, German and some Russian.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Press Spokesperson