06. 02. 2008 - Czech Airlines Has an Unconventional Valentine’s Offer This Year

Prague, 6 February 2008

In February and the first half of March, passengers can travel to selected Czech Airlines destinations at preferential prices, again with our Valentine’s Special.  This time, however, the special offer is not restricted to couples.  It can be used by any number of persons.

Special prices apply to tickets to the most renowned cities in Europe and the Near East.  The offer of attractive destinations includes Rome, Venice, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid.  In the Middle East, you can travel at discounted rates to Cairo, Tel Aviv, and Beirut.

An evening at the di Trevi Fountain in Rome, a kiss under the Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris, or a romantic gondola ride down the Grand Canal on a shimmering Venetian night, are certainly inviting for a traditional Valentine’s celebration for two.  But Czech Airlines’ special prices will be appreciated even by those who are not into Valentine’s celebrations.  A trip to the fashion “Mecca”, Milan, will be especially appreciated by women; and art lovers will treasure the opportunity to travel to the unique collections in the famous galleries of Barcelona or Madrid.  The special prices to Cairo will be suited for family trips in search of the ancient history and secrets of the pyramids of Giza.  And people who love untraditional exotic destinations can travel with Czech Airlines to Tel Aviv.

The Czech Airlines Valentine’s Special applies to return tickets purchased by 17 February.  The discounted return tickets to selected destinations are available at all Czech Airlines sales offices, from travel agents, and on the www.czechairlines.com website.  The condition is that the passenger must commence the trip by 16 March.  The minimum duration of the stay at the destination is two days, and must include a Saturday night.

All information about the precise conditions, and about using this offer, can be obtained at points of sale, through the Czech Airlines Contact Centre operators at the toll-free telephone line 800-310-310, or on the Internet at www.czechairlines.com.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Spokesperson


Basic information about destinations to which you can fly on a Valentine’s discount:


The Italian metropolis and one of the oldest cities in Europe is renowned worldwide for its system of public water lines and fountains.  Among the most widely known are Fontana di Trevi, Fontana della Botte, Barcacia, and Fontana del Babuino.  Also attractive for tourists is a walk up the Spanish Steps, and a visit to the Coliseum, Constantine’s Arch, the Pantheon, or Trajan’s Forum, the largest and most spectacular imperial forum.

The most visited sights in Paris are its main symbols – the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.  History lovers will not want to miss the gallery and museum in the Louvre, Les Invalides, with the mausoleum of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Sacre Coeur Basilica, Sainte-Chapelle, and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.  Paris is also referred to as the world’s capital of the fashion industry, so ladies will surely appreciate the endless number of fashion shops.

The famous North Italian city is built on a lagoon with countless canals and bridges.  Venice is washed by the waves of the lagoon and stretches over 118 small islands.  Its transport artery is the four-kilometre, 70 metre wide Grand Canal.  During a traditional gondola ride, you can see one of the most famous bridges, Ponte di Rizoto.

The famous Milan dome is the largest Gothic building in Italy and the most significant sight on the Piazza Duomo square.  Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper, is to be seen in the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.  Also worth a visit are the Gallery of Modern Arts and the Museo Poldi-Pezzoli museum, boasting an exhibition of old weapons, a collection of tapestries, and paintings of Italian masters.  The city is also famous for its opera house, La Scala.

Catalonia’s capital, with 1.5 million inhabitants, is the second largest Spanish city, after Madrid.  Barcelona is especially famous for a series of original buildings of the architect Antonio Gaudí.  The most renowned is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the city’s symbol.

The capital of Spain, with typical broad boulevards, grandiose buildings, and above all the famous Prado, a museum that houses the world’s largest collection of Spanish painting.  On the western edge of the historical city is the mid-18th century royal palace Palacio Real, which was the main residence of Spanish kings, and is roughly ten times larger than London’s Buckingham Palace.

Egypt’s capital is a well-known cultural centre of the Arab world, and the most populous city on the African continent.  On the west bank of the Nile lies the famous suburb of Giza, with its complex of pyramids, including the largest and most famous, the Great Pyramid of Cheops.  Near it is also the famous Great Sphinx.

Tel Aviv
The second largest city in Israel is also the most important industrial, business, and especially a cultural centre.  Tel Aviv is the home of Israel’s best theatres, galleries, and philharmonic orchestra.

This Lebanese port town is also the capital and the country’s largest city.  At the same time, it is one of the oldest cities in the world.  It boasts an interesting sight, known as the Pigeon Rocks, bizarrely shaped rocks protruding from the sea.