05. 12. 2011 - Czech Airlines to Lay Off As Many As 100 Pilots, with the Same Number of Positions to be Created at HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines

Prague, 5th December 2011

Czech Airlines has informed union representatives that the number of pilots at Czech Airlines will be reduced by up to 100. The Prague 6 Labour Office will be informed to that effect later this week. These personnel changes are related to the transfer of eleven aircraft to the lease of HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines.  Czech Airlines announced that plan on 24 November 2011.

The redundant pilots will be let go in stages. Some of them will receive their notices this week, while others will be approached in this regard in the weeks to come. In connection with an increase in capacity and new orders, new positions are opening up at HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, for which one selection procedure is underway and another is to be announced.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
and Press Spokesperson
Czech Airlines Group