05. 12. 2011 - Czech Airlines Has Been Approached by More Than 50 Former Employees, Seeking Positions as Pilots

Prague, 5th December 2011

As of today, Czech Airlines has received more than fifty requests from pilots seeking positions with either of the carriers of the Czech Airlines Group.  The number has grown significantly in recent days, in connection with the information that the management will insist on employment-law consequences for the illegal protest tactic employed by some of the airline’s pilots.  Most of the applicants are former Czech Airlines employees who left the company in recent years and currently work abroad, most of them in South-East Asia.

We were pleased by this interest.  It is evident that Czech Airlines still is, in spite of its difficult financial situation, a sought-after employer.  The applicants’ individual responses indicate that a major factor is the possibility of flying from Prague and the high-quality technical service that is ensured.  Those pilots also clearly indicate that they are willing to fly under the conditions offered by HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, for a performance-based salary,” said Capt.Marek Týbl, Vice President for Flight Operations.

The parent company will not have sufficient capacity to hire all of the pilots who are applying to Czech Airlines.  The applicants will be approached by the subsidiary HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, whose fleet will grow in the spring with the addition of 11 leased aircraft.

I would again like to note that the current illegal pressure tactic is a mere dispute about pay.  And I must also note in this context that the CZ ALPA union organisation has always become active in the past at times when their employment perquisites were at stake.  Usually, they use the same instruments, under the guise of being interested in Czech Airlines’ future:  manipulating facts and politicisation, drawing attention away from the real reasons, i.e., their own interests and the fact that the airline is not competitive in terms of costs,” said Philippe Moreels, Czech Airlines’ President, adding:  “As long as I am president of Czech Airlines, I will not permit the recurrence of that scenario.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Press Spokesperson of the Czech Airlines Group