5 June 2013

Czech Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in Europe. It has been providing services since 1923. Over the ninety years of its existence, the company has transported more than 115 million passengers and more than 918 thousand tons of goods and mail. Its planes have taken off and landed in 145 destinations located in 76 countries around the globe. Today, an exhibition opened with a ceremony in Terminal 2 at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague commemorating 90 years of operation by the company, during which time Czech Airlines has become a renowned global air carrier.

The exhibition, curated by Herbert Slavík, a Czech photographer, uses more than 200 archive and current photos to map out the airline’s operation from its establishment through the war years of the 1940s to the politically turbulent 1960s, ending with the airline’s operation within the Cesky Aeroholding Group.

Czech Airlines is a leading Czech company with a long tradition. This exhibition is to present the history of the company to the public but also express thanks to the generations of employees who joined their lives with the oldest national airline and for whom the work for Czech Airlines became a life mission”, said Philippe Moreels, President and Chairman of the Board, Czech Airlines.

The exhibition is divided into three chronological blocks. The first starts on October 6, 1923, when the company was founded, and ends in 1939 with the German Lufthansa takeover of the air fleet. The second block addresses the airline’s history from 1945 to 1989, when radical changes in the Czech political and economic system were reflected in the operation of Czech Airlines and its home airport at Prague-Ruzyne. And the final block follows Czech Airlines from the time of its inclusion in the Sky Team up to its current operation under the Cesky Aeroholding Group and the sale of a 44% share in the company to Korean Air, a leading Asian carrier.

The exhibition is accompanied by other memorabilia, such as ten  contemporary pilot and aviation staff uniforms, a model of a three-motor SavoiaMarchetti passenger aircraft from the 1930s-1940s, six of which flew under the Czech Airlines, films and the Czech Airline fleet depicted in twenty large-format photographs in the form of large-scale hanging banners.

"The exhibition which opened today, serves to remind visitors not only of the often turbulent development of the airline but also of its current operation under the Cesky Aeroholding Group. That is why a section of the exhibition is also devoted to Korean Air, our partner, which became a shareholder in Czech Airlines in addition to Cesky Aeroholding as of this year”, said Miroslav Dvořák, General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cesky Aeroholding.

In addition to photographs and films, the exhibition presents Korean Air using a model of an Airbus 380 aircraft representing the air carrier’s fleet. Visitors can try the business class “Prestige Sleeper Seat” used in the airline’s aircraft which may be unfolded to the horizontal position, thus offering passengers maximum comfort during their travels.

Our goal is to present Czech Airlines as an air carrier with a long tradition and rich history. The exhibition was prepared in conjunction with a number of experts from various institutions. Sources for materials include the Military History Institute of Prague, Statni Oblastni Archiv Praha (National Regional Prague Archive), Narodni Technicke Muzeum (National Museum of Technology) and the CTK Agency”, said Herbert Slavík, the exhibition’s curator.

The exhibition is located in the Terminal 2 Departure Hall at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague and may be seen free of charge daily until the end of 2013.

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