04. 11. 2009 - Philippe Moreels to Head Marketing and Sales at Czech Airlines

Prague, 4 November 2009

The new Czech Airlines Vice President for Marketing and Sales, effective 16 November 2009, will be Philippe Moreels, a Belgian manager with many years of experience with international sales networks and marketing.  He is coming from ČSOB, where he worked as a member of the Management Board and the Senior Director for Distribution.
The President of Czech Airlines, Miroslav Dvořák, who chose the new Vice President on the basis of their previous cooperation, said: “Mr. Moreels has extensive experience and abilities in terms of international sales networks. His task is to analyse the existing Czech Airlines distribution network and propose changes that will lead to increasing the airline’s income.” In addition to sales, Philipe Moreels has long been working in marketing – during his work at the Slovak Tatrabanka, he earned a number of awards in Slovakia.


Philippe Moreels (50) comes from Belgium, where he studied computer and social sciences and earned a diploma in corporate management at the Solvay Business School.  He first worked at the Unilever Group.  Then he worked for seven years as the head of Back Office in the Standard Chartered Bank / Westdeutsche Landesbank Group, and then from 1993 in the Slovak Tatrabanka (becoming a member of the Management Board in 1998).  From 1 March 2002, he worked as a member of the Management Board and Senior Director at ČSOB.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson