4. 8. 2014 - Czech Airlines Expands its Services by Offering Seat Pre-booking, Upgraded Meal Plan and Many More

Prague, 4th August 2014

Czech Airlines is launching new complementary services, e.g. advanced booking of a preferred seat, upgraded meal plan in the Economy Class cabin and stays at Václav Havel Airport Prague’s lounges. A number of existing complementary services, such as transport of baggage in excess of the free allowance, pet transport and assistance for unaccompanied minors, have also recently been upgraded, including price reviews. Passengers will now be able to book these services via Czech Airlines’ Contact Centre and a network of its booking offices and general ticketing agents, both at home and abroad. Effective September, the services will be available via travel agencies and ticket sales points and, from the start of the Winter 2014/2015 Season, via the Czech Airlines’ website.

“It has been a long-term trend in the aviation industry to keep launching new complementary services and expanding or upgrading existing ones. Many European carriers, including network carriers, have recently applied this trend in practice. Complementary services as now introduced by Czech Airlines represent expansion and diversification of the existing product offer, providing our customers with the option of selecting from several ways of making their air travels more enjoyable and using it to its full potential,” noted Mr. Stanislav Zeman, Czech Airlines Director for Business and Marketing, adding: “Launching these services by Czech Airlines is not a way of introducing payments for services previously provided free of charge.”

One of the new complementary services, recently launched by Czech Airlines on its jet-engined aircraft operated flights, is the option of selecting a particular seat at the time of purchasing a ticket. Passengers may reserve their preferred or more comfortable seat in advance, long before their departure, e.g. by booking an exit row seat, window seat or aisle seat in the front part of the aircraft cabin.  Pre-booking of an exit row seat on flights around Europe is subject to a fee of CZK 390 (or EUR 15), while on long-haul flights the service is charged at CZK 780 (or EUR 30). Pre-booking a window or aisle seat costs CZK 140 (or EUR 5). Passengers in Economy Class holding a flexible ticket from the Flexi product range may select their seat free of charge, without limitation. This service, and some other services, may not be combined with discount tickets from the Promo product range.  

It is Now Possible to Enjoy a Business Class Menu in the Economy Class Cabin aboard Czech Airlines’ Flights
Effective today, Czech Airlines offers passengers in the Economy Class cabin on flights operated by Czech Airlines the option of purchasing a complete Business class menu, served on the particular flight at the time of day. Business Class menu upgrade can be purchased together with the ticket, irrespective of the tariff group, no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. This service will be offered by Czech Airlines on the majority of its flights serviced by jet-engined aircraft. Gradually, the service should be offered on all routes operated by Airbus aircraft. This service will not be available on connections serviced by ATR aircraft. Cold Business Menu upgrade costs CZK 270 (or EUR 10) while any hot Business Menu is offered at a flat fee of CZK 390 (or EUR 15). All Business Class cabin meals have been designed by renowned chefs of the Zátiší Group’s restaurants and catering department. Czech Airlines introduced this new Business Class Meal Plan concept on all its flights on 1 June 2014.

Better Rates for Oversized Baggage and Sports Equipment
While launching the new complementary services, Czech Airlines has also innovated, unified and discounted a number of existing services, e.g. transport of oversized baggage or baggage in excess of the free allowance. Every passenger holding an OK ticket for a Czech Airlines operated flight may check in one piece of baggage up to 23 kg in weight free of charge. Passengers travelling in the Economy Class cabin with Flexi tariff tickets, passengers in Business Class and holders of Silver or more valuable Czech Airlines’ OK Plus reward programme cards may check in a second piece of baggage free of charge. Czech Airlines also allows its passengers to transport a golf bag or skis, at a maximum of 15 kg in weight, aboard its flights free of charge. Sports equipment in compliance with the weight and size limits is not included in the overall number of allowed checked-in pieces of baggage.

Czech Airlines’ passengers may now check in overweight baggage (from 23 to 32 kg), an additional piece of baggage - up to 23 kg, a golf bag or a ski bag in excess of 15 kg cheaper than before, saving around EUR 10 (or the equivalent in local currency). Each of the four above-described services can be purchased for CZK 1700 (or EUR 60) on inter-European routes operated by Czech Airlines, and for CZK 2100 (or EUR 75) on Czech Airlines’ connections between Europe and Asia and the Near East (e.g. on flights to Almaty, Tashkent, Seoul, etc.). It is now possible to book and purchase the transport of overweight baggage in excess of the free allowance (between 23 and 32 kg) too. A detailed price matrix of the new complementary services is available on the Czech Airlines’ website: www.csa.cz.

New Weight Categories Applied to Pets Transport
In reaction to the increased demand for pets transportation by air, Czech Airlines has prepared a number of innovations for pet owners. Introducing additional weight categories and their diversification in a way that will cover a greater number of animals is the most important change in this category of services. Effective August 2014, Czech Airlines provides transportation of pets, travelling together with their owners, in the passenger cabin or in the cargo cabin as checked baggage in four new weight categories. Dogs, cats, rabbits or chinchillas may be transported in the aircraft passenger cabin if the overall weight of the animal, including a special transport box, does not exceed 8 kg. Larger, heavier and not above listed animals may be transported in the cargo cabin as checked baggage in the following categories: small animals up to 23 kg, including transport box, mid-sized animals between 23.1 and 32 kg, large animals between 32.1 and 50 kg and extra large animals – heavier than 50 kg. Small animals travel in the passenger or cargo cabin for CZK 1700 (or EUR 60) on flights around Europe operated by Czech Airlines and for CZK 2100 (or EUR 75) on Czech Airlines’ flights between Europe and Asia. The fee increases by CZK 1700 (or EUR 60) with each weight category on inter-European flights, respectively by CZK 2100 (or EUR 75) on flights to/from Asia. Animal transport is subject to approval by the carrier and, as such, must be booked in advance, ideally immediately after purchasing a ticket, but no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. 

Daniel Šabík
Czech Airlines Spokesperson