04. 08. 2011 - Czech Airlines introduces its third route out of Karlovy Vary – this time to Samara

Prague, 11 August 2011

The number of destinations directly accessible from Karlovy Vary airport increases further with the introduction of a new regular route to Samara in the Russian Federation. Czech Airlines will launch this service in early November flying from Karlovy Vary to Samara every Wednesday evening using the latest Airbus A 319 aircraft. Tickets went on sale earlier this week.

Flights on the new route – OK 884, depart Karlovy Vary every Wednesday at 21:40 and land in Samara after the almost-four-hour flight at 4:30 local time on Thursday morning. The Czech Airlines‘ return flights depart Samara, Kurumoch International Airport at 18:55 local time landing in Karlovy Vary at 19:50. For Czech Airlines, this will be its sixth weekly timetabled flight out of Karlovy Vary. Apart from Samara, Czech Airlines operates 4 flights to Moscow each week and one to St Petersburg. The airline also operates a further two flights in partnership with Aeroflot on a code-sharing basis.

"For Czech Airlines, every new route to the Russian Federation, Central Asia or Ukraine is a valuable and logical outcome to our work and efforts to promote the airline in those huge and promising local markets. Although this is an extremely challenging market, Czech Airlines will seize every future business opportunity to win new customers. Right now, we’re working on further business developments including the launch of several new routes in Eastern Europe over the next 12 months in strict adherence to our principles of gradual change in Czech Airlines‘ route network,“  confirms Jiří Marek, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Czech Airlines.

New additional flights to Lvov and Almaty
The intention to increase its focus on eastern markets is further confirmed by the introduction of new additional flights on the regular Czech Airlines’ routes to Lvov in western Ukraine and - for the rest of the summer season, to Almaty, Kazakhstan. From mid-July, Czech Airlines has been operating flights to Lvov on Thursdays increasing the number of weekly flights to five. And this week, the airline introduces its fourth weekly flight to Almaty – an additional flight which will operate until the end of the summer season.

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
and Press Spokesperson
Czech Airlines Group