04. 05. 2011 - The Number of HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines Aircraft to Climb from Two to Four in May

4 May 2011

Yesterday, at Ruzyně Airport, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines welcomed to its fleet the first of the two Airbus A320 aircraft that it has ordered. In the summer flight season, this airplane with the matriculation OK HCB and a capacity of 180 seats will be deployed mainly on flights to destinations in Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Montenegro, and Egypt.

The second brand-new aircraft will join the HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines fleet in May.  As of June, the Airline will thus operate its charter flights with four aircraft.  In addition to the Airbuses, the carrier also has two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, each with a capacity of 162 seats.

The charter carriage market is a highly competitive area of business. The demands of travel agencies and their passengers as to our services keep increasing and we therefore must continuously work on increasing the standard, level, and reliability of the services we offer.  We trust that the rejuvenation of the fleet and other supplementary services on board our aircraft will contribute to the even greater comfort and overall satisfaction of passengers on their holiday travel,” said Jan Čejka, Chairman of the Management Board of HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines.

On board both new aircraft, passengers will have, in addition to the standard services, their own audio and video systems and also the air show, i.e., a depiction of the geographical position, flight altitude, speed, and other information about the current flight.

Passengers will encounter the first airbus in the HOLIDAYS livery, characterised by an orange version of the traditional dynamic element of its parent, Czech Airlines, and the prominent designation HOLIDAYS located on the aircraft’s “belly”, on its first flight, which is planned to the Tunisian island of Djerba on 18 May.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Press Spokesperson of the Czech Airlines Group