20. 07. 2006 - Czech Airlines Offers a “Flying without Fear” Course

20 July 2006

Czech Airlines (CSA) has prepared a special course called “Flying without Fear,” for anyone who suffers anxiety and fear in relation to flying.  The one-day CSA seminar is a response to passenger demand, from those who need or wish to fly, but are prohibited from doing so by fear.  The first of these planned courses will take place on 29 July 2006 in the CSA Crew Training Centre.

Fear of flying may be caused by, among other factors, anxiety from the unknown, a bad experience, or incorrect information.  The one-day course, which informs participants about various aspects of aviation, should eliminate those reasons.  “After taking our course, people who have had problems in travelling by airplane should board an aircraft free of stress, and perhaps even look forward to it,” noted Miloš Kvapil, Director of Crew Training and the project’s manager.

In the new CSA course, participants will learn about the basics of aviation technology and aerodynamics, aircraft piloting, and air traffic organisation.  The seminar is divided into theoretical and practical segments.  The course is taught in classrooms as well as in an aircraft cabin and a flight simulator, which can simulate real flight conditions.  When practicing for a real flight, emergency equipment will be demonstrated to participants, as well as model situations that passengers can encounter on board; traditional airline refreshments will also be served.  Participants can discuss their flying anxiety with experienced pilots and stewards – instructors, who have specific experience with flying and passengers’ fears.

By opening the new seminar, Czech Airlines follows the lead of a number of foreign airlines that offer one-day to one-week programmes to remedy the fear of flying. 
For more information about the course, please call: 220 111 796.

Jana Víšková
Czech Airlines Press Officer