02. 09. 2008 - The Czech Airlines Service to Beirut Celebrates 60 Years

Prague, 2 September 2008

Czech Airlines is celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the launch of scheduled air service between Prague and the Lebanese capital, Beirut.  The former Czechoslovak Airlines flew to the destination for the first time on 2 September 1948.  Presently, the Airline offers six flights a week between Prague and Beirut, deploying its most modern Airbus A319s and also Airbus A320s, with larger capacity, on the most sought-after days.

The former Czechoslovak Airlines launched the Beirut service in the post-war era.  Shortly thereafter, however, the service was interrupted.  In more recent history, this route was also limited for political reasons – this time due to the war in Lebanon in 2006.

Last year, the Czech Airlines service between Prague and Beirut was used by over 39,000 passengers, which constituted a year-on-year increase of nearly 50 percent.  The sharp growth was due to the improved offering of connections to Lebanon, primarily by increasing connections to a number of countries in Western Europe.  Czech Airlines also managed to significantly better use the capacity in the low season.  In 2007, Czech Airlines operated 200 flights between Prague and Beirut.

The Czech Airlines air service between Prague and Beirut is used primarily by business passengers travelling to the Czech Republic and Western Europe, but family tourism is also popular, i.e., visits of family and friends.

During the summer flight schedule, i.e., from 30 March to 25 October, Czech Airlines offers daily service to Beirut, except for Saturdays, departing from Prague at 9:45 p.m.  From Beirut, passengers can fly back at 3:05 in the morning.  The direct flight takes just under four hours.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson