02. 08. 2010 - Aircraft maintenance to be provided by subsidiary Czech Airlines Technics

Prague, 2 August 2010

As of August 2010, technical services related to aircraft and aircraft component maintenance will be provided by the Czech Airlines subsidiary Czech Airlines Technics, a.s. The splitting off of this part of its business, which Czech Airlines began preparations for several months ago, is entirely in line with the on-going restructuring plan and with the airline’s work towards the creation of a holding arrangement. Last week the progress made in the fulfilment of the restructuring plan was also presented to the Czech Airlines supervisory board, which is paying great attention to the area.

Czech Airlines Technics is now an independent commercial entity. It was created by splitting off activities that had until that point been provided by the Czech Airlines branch Technical Operations. Through its new subsidiary, Czech Airlines will continue to offer specialised and professional services in aircraft and aircraft system maintenance and repair. The parent company will increasingly focus on its main line of business – scheduled air carriage.

This is already the third split-off of Czech Airlines specialised activities in 2010. In January, Czech Airlines Handling was created, which provides passenger and aircraft handling services not only to Czech Airlines, but also to a number of other airlines. In June, charter carriage became a part of the Holidays Czech Airlines subsidiary.

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson