01. 12. 2009 - The Click4Sky Project Changes Its Strategy

Prague, 1 December 2009

The Click4Sky project is changing its strategy, leaving behind the current model of one price for all destinations. Ticket prices will now be calculated dynamically, on the basis of a calculation of the new model, based on the current demand and parameters of the trip.  The new segmentation of the Click4Sky market and prices is based, above all, on the developments on local markets. Newly, passengers will now also be able to choose from nearly seventy destinations with Click4Sky.

The changes reflect the shift in the parent company’s approach to customer segmentation.  The new price will be generated on the basis of several criteria, such as demand, the date and time of flight, the place of origin and the destination, and the distance of the trip.  “We will no longer apply a single fare.  The new system reflects current passenger demand and, above all, allows us to respond flexibly to any market anomalies,” said Tomáš Holan, Director of the Czech Airlines Revenue Management Section.

These innovations, including the expansion of destinations from the original 38 to 64, aim to appeal to a far broader range of customers, offering them an opportunity to purchase tickets at favourable prices.  In many cases, prices may be even lower than they have been thus far.  “At the time, the single price project made sense. Now we are faced with a topical decision, as to the direction in which to move Click4Sky. Of the several alternatives, going the route of market segmentation and changing the customer approach won out,” says Philippe Moreels, Czech Airlines Vice President for Sales, Marketing, and Finance and Vice Chairman of the airline’s Management Board, who initiated the changes in the strategy of the Click4Sky project.

The innovations in Click4Sky will apply from 1 December of this year. Passengers who have already purchased tickets will not be in any way affected by the changes. To simplify the ordering system, the Click4Sky and Czech Airlines booking portals will also be interconnected as of the same date.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson