01. 10. 2007 - Czech Airlines Launches 'Fast Track' – a New Service to Allow Passengers to More Quickly Move Through Prague's Airport

Prague, October 1, 2007
Czech Airlines (CSA) has just launched "Fast Track". The new service, provided in partnership with the Prague Airport administration, gives passengers the option to more quickly pass through the airport's terminal. The service is available to all passengers who are allowed to check-in at the business counter. 'Fast Track' makes possible a quicker transit from the check-in counter, through the passport and security checks, all the way to the gate.  

"As the dominant carrier at Prague's airport, Czech Airlines has been trying to introduce the option for passengers to be able to more quickly move through the terminal for several months. We have now finally been able to launch the service, in partnership with the Prague Airport administration. With the new service, Czech Airlines passengers who are permitted to check-in at the business counter, will be able to substantially cut down on the amount of time that they have to spend at the airport prior to departure," said the President of Czech Airlines, Radomír Lašák, in commenting on the new 'Fast Track' service.

Passengers checking in through the business counter will be provided with a round 'FAST TRACK' sticker, which the check-in agent will attach to their boarding passes. The passenger can then continue through a specially designated walkway, which leads directly to the passport control and – in Terminal North 2 – also to the subsequent security check. In Terminal North 1, where the security checks are located just before the departure lounges, 'Fast Track' passengers will be given a priority status. 
The newly launched service won't slow down the passport check and security procedures at other stations. The stations, which will now be dedicated to 'Fast Track', were also reserved in the past – for example, for air crews.