01. 06. 2010 - Charters to be offered by HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines

Prague, 2 June 2010

As of 1 June 2010, the charter services of Czech Airlines are offered by the airline’s subsidiary HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, a.s. This decision was made by the company’s extraordinary General Meeting on May 20, when it approved the transfer of the charter business to the already existing subsidiary HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines.

By hiving off charters to a subsidiary, the first required step was taken in the establishment of a separate airline. “At this first stage, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines will perform the role of a sales company in charter carriage. It will at the same time apply for all permits, that is, above all, for an air carrier licence and the air operator’s certificate (AOC) which are required for the full-fledged functioning of an airline,” said the Chairman of the Management Board and President of Czech Airlines, Miroslav Dvořák, adding: “We are gradually fulfilling the steps we have undertaken and are systematically heading towards a holding arrangement for Czech Airlines. This model is proving to be the most promising one.

As of 1 June 2010, the current employees of charters transferred to HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines from the parent company. With the second step, that is, after the formalities are met that are required for the establishment of a separate carrier, the air crews will also be added. At the same time, further details about the functioning of the new air carrier will be available.

HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines also continues to operate as a tourist agency. It has a long-term focus on offers such as Euro-weekends, cruises, and spa stays. Charters and a travel agency together in one business entity make for a logical unit. Both are directly connected to vacations, relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle.


Hana Hejsková

Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson