2. 11. 2005 - SC Pendolino trains to be jointly operated by Czech Airlines and Czech Railways

Facts about the CD and CSA cooperation

  • SC Pendolino trains on the Ostrava-Prague route will be operated as CD and CSA SC / OK code-shared connections and will add to the present CSA Ostrava-Prague 
  • In addition to passengers holding CD travel documents (purchased for CD applicable fares), the SC Pendolino trains will carry passengers with CSA travel documents purchased for the connection.  Reservations and ticket sales for individual connections will be launched by both CD and CSA on Monday, 7 November 2005.
  • Thanks to the joint operation of SC Pendolino, Olomouc and Pardubice will become new regularly-served CSA destinations.
  • The cooperation between CD and CSA is a historic moment for the entire transport industry in the Czech Republic.  Similar cooperation exists in Western European countries, such as Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland.  In central Europe, the Czech Republic is the very first country to have code-share cooperation between the national railways and national air carrier. 

Josef Bazala, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Czech Railways and Jaroslav Tvrdík, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Czech Airlines have signed a “Memorandum of cooperation for code-shared operation of SC Pendolino trains” aboard one of the trains today.  The memorandum outlines the frame of the mutual cooperation among the two carriers.  Thanks to this cooperation, the Czech Railways SC Pendolino services will also become Czech Airlines services from the very beginning of being put into operation, i.e., 11 December 2005.  Ticket reservations for both CD (through the UNIPOK reservation system) and CSA will be available from Monday, 7 November. 

Josef Bazala, the CEO of CD, said on the occasion of signing the historic memorandum: “From the very beginning, Czech Railways have been preparing the SC Pendolino product as a service equal to air transport in regards of speed, comfort and quality of service.  It’s only natural that we rapidly reached an agreement with CSA regarding the code-shared operation of SC Pendolino trains on the Ostrava-Prague route.  Czech Railways is honoured to have the chance to welcome Czech Airlines and SkyTeam alliance passengers onto our trains and to provide them with the quality service they are used to aboard CSA airplanes.”

Jaroslav Tvrdík, the President of CSA says: “SC Pendolino is a pilot project in the cooperation initiated between CSA and CD.  SkyTeam brings the world closer to the Czech Republic, and together with CD we are bringing the Czech Republic closer to the world.  From 11th December, we’ll be able to offer up to eleven daily connections between Ostrava and Prague.  Olomouc and Pardubice will be added to our destination network.” 

Detailed description of CD and CSA cooperation for the operation of code-shared SC Pendolino trains

As of 11 December 2005 (the beginning of SC Pendolino operations), all SC Pendolino trains connecting Ostrava, Olomouc, Pardubice and Prague will become code-shared connections of Czech Railways and Czech Airlines.  In addition to the standard CD codes (SC and the train number) all six pairs of SC Pendolino trains will also be registered with CSA-OK codes.  SC Pendolino connections will add to the present offer of air services operated by CSA between Ostrava and Prague and two completely new regular destinations – Olomouc and Pardubice will be added to the CSA network.

CSA passengers wishing to use SC Pendolino connections, for example, when travelling from Olomouc to New York, will be able to purchase a ticket for the entire route through any CSA sales channel worldwide.  There will be two connections on their tickets – Olomouc-Prague, operated as a CSA flight with SC Pendolino; and Prague-New York operated by a CSA airplane.  Czech Airlines or any CSA partner will make the complete reservation for the travel.  A similar procedure will apply to and from Pardubice or Ostrava.  For Ostrava, a passenger may choose either a SC Pendolino or CSA airplane – depending on the time he or she prefers.

Together with a ticket reservation for SC Pendolino connections, passengers will be entitled to free of charge bus transfer – Rail BUS – which will provide comfortable and fast transport between the Prague Holešovice railway station and Prague Ruzyně Airport (and back) at regular intervals.

All passengers with CSA reservations will be carried in first class on SC Pendolino, their seats will be marked: CSA RESERVATION.  No Czech Railways tickets will be necessary to board the train, Czech Railways staff will accept properly issued CSA tickets.

Aboard SC Pendolino trains, passengers with CSA reservations will receive first class services.  Free refreshments (hot drinks and cold soft drinks, a sandwich and small dessert), the daily press, a selection of three music channels or a 230V connector allowing one to use, e.g., a lap-top throughout the journey will be available to CSA passengers.

As a standard service, passengers will receive detailed information – in three languages – Czech English and German.  Announcements at stations and on the train will include information for CSA passengers – including information about boarding sections, Rail BUS connections and other necessary facts.  CSA passengers may also utilize the benefits provided by membership in the OK Plus Programme.

In case of longer waiting times for a SC Pendolino connection, passengers holding CSA tickets will have free of charge access to CD lounges for first class passengers travelling on SC Pendolino, EuroCity and InterCity trains.  The lounges will be available to passengers from December in SC Pendolino stations.

Rail BUS to connect Prague Airport and the Prague Holešovice railway station

A regular bus connection – Rail BUS – will connect the Prague Holešovice railway station (SC Pendolino terminus) and Prague-Ruzyně Airport from 11 December.  Prague-Ruzyně Airport will also become a new fare point for Czech Railways, which means that CD passengers will be able to purchase a ticket to Prague-Ruzyně Airport at any CD sales point.  Low-floored buses will operate between the Holešovice railway station and Prague-Ruzyně Airport.  The buses will be visibly marked with Rail BUS and will operate at intervals of approximately an hour.

SC Pendolino passengers holding CD and CSA travel documents travelling to and from the Prague Holešovice railway station will have this transport included in the price of their SC Pendolino tickets.

In addition to CSA, Czech Railways is also carrying out negotiations with Prague-Ruzyně Airport in order to ensure the Rail BUS operation at the airport will be in accordance with the passenger flow.  At Prague Holešovice railway station, Czech Railways will ensure the directing of passengers to the Rail BUS stop.

Sample station graphics with the CSA logotype and air transport symbols


Prague - Ostrava
SC 501SC 503SC 505SC 507SC 509SC 511
Prague Holešovice05. 5607. 5609. 5613. 5615. 5618. 26
Pardubice hl. n.06. 51 - 06. 5208. 51 - 08. 5210. 51 - 10. 5214. 51 - 14. 5216. 51 - 16. 5219. 21-19. 22
Olomouc hl. n.08. 19 - 08. 2110. 19 - 10. 2112. 19 - 12. 2116. 19 - 16. 2118. 19 - 18. 2120. 49 - 20. 51
Ostrava Svinov09. 18 - 09. 1911. 18 - 11. 1913. 18 - 13. 1917. 18 - 17. 1919. 18 - 19. 1921. 48 - 21. 49
Ostrava hl. n.09. 2511. 2513. 2517. 2519. 2521. 55

Note: *)  the SC 521 train operates on business days and Sundays, except for 24., 25. XII., 16., 30. IV., 7. V., 28. X., 17. XI.


Ostrava - Prague
SC 500*)SC 502SC 504SC 506SC 508SC 510
Ostrava hl. n.04. 0005. 4509. 4511. 4513. 4517. 45
Ostrava Svinov04. 06 - 04. 0705. 51 - 05. 5209. 51 - 09. 5211. 51 - 11. 5213. 51 - 13. 5217. 51 - 17. 52
Olomouc hl. n.05. 00 - 05. 0206. 47 - 06. 4910. 47 - 10. 4912. 47 - 12. 4914. 47 - 14. 4918. 47 - 18. 49
Pardubice hl. n.06. 34 - 06. 3508. 21 - 08. 2212. 21 - 12. 2214. 21 - 14. 2216. 21 - 16. 2220. 21 - 20. 22
Praha Holešovice07. 3109. 1813. 1815. 1817. 1821. 18

Note: *) the SC 510 train operates on business days and Saturdays and on 5., 6. VII., 28. IX., 17. XI., except for 18. XI.


For more information please contact:

Czech Railways: Petr Šťáhlavský, spokesperson, e-mail: stahlavsky@cd.cz, tel.: 972 232 299, 602 220 487
Czech Airlines: Jitka Novotná, spokesperson, e-mail: jitka.novotna@csa.cz, tel.: 220 113 115

Information about Czech Railways

Almost 180 million passengers travel on Czech Railways passenger trains each year.  These numbers place the company among the leading carriers in the EU – and for the number of trips per citizen, Czech Railways is in first place among the new EU members and is well ahead of the pack.  In cargo transport, Czech Railways is among the five largest railways in the EU with a volume of almost 80 million tons of goods transported each year.
At present, Czech Railways is paying special attention to modernization and is investing into its railway stations and trains.  Annually, several billion CZK are invested in station and train renewal.  A project called “Live Station” is being realized at the moment, and is aimed at the revitalising of more than 60 railway stations throughout the Czech Republic.  The railway stations will turn into modern business and social centres with a rich offer of services not directly related to travel.
Much attention is being paid to train modernisation and improvement to customer services. SC Pendolino trains are in the process of approval now which is a condition for them being put into operation for the 2005/2006 season.  The delivery of new long-haul train wagons from Siemens is being prepared and the production of modern double-decker suburban trains is continuing.  Light motor trains for regional lines will also be modernized and will offer comfortable travel to those in wheelchairs, mothers with prams, and cyclists.
Czech Railways also emphasize improvement to and expansion of its services.  Recently, for example, it has extended its network of cycle rentals and introduced reservations for cycles on express trains.  

Information about Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines (CSA) – the largest national carrier among the new EU member countries according to number of transported passengers. In 2004, the airline transported a record 4.34 million passengers.  Since 2001, it has been a member of SkyTeam, one of the leading global airline alliances.  The fleet contains 50 aircraft – ATR 42’s/72’s, Boeing 737’s and Airbus A310/A320/A321’s.

In January 2005, the airline won the American magazine Global Traveler (Annual GT Tested Awards) “Best Airline in Eastern Europe” Award.  For a second year running, Czech Airlines was selected as “Best Airline Based in Central/Eastern Europe” by the OAG (Official Airline Guide, London) and was also on the shortlist of the eight best airlines for the year 2005.

Czech Airlines has always prided itself on its involvement in the support of non-profit projects and cultural events. Among the most important are the “Under the Wings of CSA” programme for teaching English to children from Czech children’s homes, support for the Czech Paralympic team, and cooperation in organizing the Prague Spring Music Festival.