29. 11. 2006 - ČSA Planes to Visit Santa Claus Country

Prague, November 29, 2006

Czech Airlines (ČSA) offers service not just to popular European and North American destinations, but also service to destinations that might appear exotic to someone from Central Europe. For instance, in December, ČSA's Airbus A321 planes will start carrying tourists to Santa's land. 

Destination – Santa's Land
This will be the first time that ČSA's Airbus A321's will be crossing the Arctic Circle. In December, the planes will be providing service from Dublin to Rovaniemi (Finland) for Irish families with children who want to visit Finland and to see Santa Claus. "Flights to destinations beyond the Arctic Circle are among the more difficult ones to make – especially during winter months," said Jan Janík, ČSA Vice-President for Flight Operations. 

Non-Traditional Skiing Destinations
The ČSA fleet has been visiting northern locations more frequently lately. For example, in December, the airline will be flying tourists from Ireland to the Fagernes ski resort in Norway. In the winter, ČSA planes will also be serving other destinations in Norway – these include Trömso and Stavanger. Trömso is also one of the airports that is somewhat trickier for pilots to land at. "The approach path to this airport, which has a relatively short runway, runs through a fiord between cliffs rising up as high as 1,500 meters,"  explained Jan Janík. "Special pilot training is essential before flying to such difficult to access destinations and sometimes this includes particular flight simulator training work. ČSA uses its most experienced pilots – mostly flight instructors – for such difficult flights," he added.

Ski enthusiasts can also use ČSA to travel to popular ski resorts in the Alps, accessible from different European airports such as Salzburg, Innsbruck, Zurich, Klagenfurt and Milan.

Chasing the Tropical Sun
But spending the winter in the mountains is not everyone's cup of tea. Many Europeans like to escape the winter by traveling to warmer climes and for these people, ČSA will once again this year be offering service to a number of different tropical destinations. For Czech travel agents, ČSA will be providing its traditional flights to Caribbean destinations such as Varadero in Cuba, the Venezuelan island of Isla Margarita and La Romana and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. ČSA is the only carrier on the Czech market offering direct service to these destinations with Airbus A310's capable of carrying 200 passengers.

African Destinations
In December, ČSA will also be flying for other international partners. ČSA will be making flights from a number of European cities to Mombasa in Kenya. Another destination in Africa – Marrakech in Morocco – will be serviced by ČSA from Warsaw in Poland.

Daniela Hupáková
ČSA Spokesperson