7. 8. 2006 - ČSA Service to Great Britain Celebrates 60 Years

Prague, 7 August 2006

On Tuesday, 8 August 2006, sixty years will have passed since Czech Airlines resumed its scheduled service between the Czech Republic and Great Britain after the Second World War. ČSA's first scheduled flight in 1946 was to London, Croydon airport.

“Czech Airlines' services between London and Prague are used more and more by passengers from Great Britain who are continuing to more distant destinations in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Vendula Raymová, director of ČSA for the UK, on the occasion of the service's 60th anniversary, and added, “This year's anniversary proves the importance of this destination within the entire Czech Airlines network, and we are very proud of its success.”

Passengers themselves will be able to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Prague – London service. During flights on 8 August 2006, they will be able to drink a sparkling wine toast and will get a small gift as a souvenir.

The flag carrier started to fly to the United Kingdom in 1938. However, operations were suspended due to events in 1939 and the Second World War. The modern history of Czech Airlines' services between the Czech Republic and Great Britain began on 8 August 1946.

In the first half of the year, ČSA made more than 1,400 flights to the UK and carried over 200,000 passengers. Czech Airlines currently operates five services to two international airports in London, Heathrow and Stansted, every day. In addition to London, ČSA offers scheduled services to Manchester, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Thanks to the timetable and the frequency of the flights, the services also suit business clientele.

Jana Víšková
Czech Airlines Spokeswoman