4. 5. 2006 - Jana Víšková is the new ČSA spokesperson

Prague, 4 May 2006

Jana Víšková was appointed Manager of Communications at Czech Airlines, from May. She will also take over the role of press officer in June.

The hitherto Director of Communication and spokeswoman for the government agency CzechInvest, Jana Víšková (32), has been appointed the Communication Manager of ČSA. She will also become the new ČSA spokesperson in June, replacing the current face of ČSA – Jitka Novotná, who is going on maternity leave.

Jana Víšková’s professional career began in the media – she worked as a journalist and presenter on regional television at TV PREMIERA (PRIMA), followed by an appointment as Head of Broadcasting and a journalist on TV Galaxie; she has also worked as a reporter on TV NOVA. From1999 to 2002 she was the spokesperson for the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic and also ran its press department. From 2002 to 2006 she worked for CzechInvest, the government agency supporting business and investment, as its spokesperson and later as Director of External Communication, responsible for public relations and the visual presentation of the agency. From 2004 to 2006 she also concurrently worked as advisor to the Economics Vice Premier - in the area of external communication.

Jana Víšková is a graduate of the London School of Public Relations; she speaks English and is single.