2. 5. 2006 - ČSA appoints a new Vice President for Marketing and Product Development

Prague, 2 May 2006

The new Czech Airlines Division for Marketing and Product Development is to be led by Marie Macounová from May

The current Director of ČSA Business Representation for Western Europe, Marie Macounová has been working at Czech Airlines since 1971. She began in clerical positions and worked at the ČSA offices in Chicago in the 1990’s. When she returned to the Czech Republic, she managed foreign business office sales in various regions of Europe. Thanks to this professional career, Marie Macounová has acquired extensive experience.

The first task of the new Vice President will be to prepare a marketing strategy based on the ČSA company-wide strategy for 2006-2008, which is currently being prepared.

Marie Macounová is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague; she speaks English and some Russian and French. She is married and likes to devote her free time to her family, her granddaughter, travelling, culture and skiing.

Jitka Novotná,
ČSA Press Officer