28. 8. 2006 - Czech Airlines suspends flights to Beirut until 28 October 2006

Prague, 28 August 2006

After assessing the political situation in the Middle East, Czech Airlines (ČSA) has decided to suspend flights between the Czech Republic and Lebanon on its regular Prague – Beirut – Prague route until the current summer flight schedule expires, i.e. until 28 October 2006. ČSA remains, however, prepared to react very quickly to any change in the situation in the area and resume flights within a matter of days.

Although an official ceasefire has been declared in Lebanon, the airspace has only been partially reopened and the international airport in Beirut is not fully operational. “The situation is that not all the essential operational and security conditions for Czech Airlines to resume flights have been fulfilled,” says Petr Somol, head of the Czech Airlines Security Section. ČSA has stated that resuming of regular flights to Beirut depends on the local airport becoming fully operational, including onsite aircraft refuelling and the full opening of Lebanon’s airspace. The recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic about the safety of travelling to this area are another key factor.

The insurance market has also responded to the worsening international security situation. “Insurers and underwriters now require airlines to submit precise information about their flight plans in the area around Lebanon, Syria and Israel. If they do not, their insurance may be cancelled,” says Eva Lecnarová, head of the ČSA Legal Affairs.

Czech Airlines passengers whose flights have been cancelled can have a full refund of any unused portion of a ticket or postpone their flight to a later date at no extra charge.

Passengers can obtain more detailed information through the toll-free Czech Airlines Call Centre number by calling
800 310 310
or from their ČSA office. The number for dialling from abroad is +420 239 007 007.

Daniela Hupáková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson