20. 6. 2006 - Three New ČSA Aircraft to Bear the Names of Jeseník, Kutná Hora and Slaný

Prague, 20 June 2006

Czech Airlines (ČSA) celebrated the christening of three new Airbus A320-200 aircraft this evening.  The new planes will be flying on routes across Europe, visiting other countries under the names of the Czech cities of Jeseníky, Kutná Hora, and Slaný.  The new Airbuses thus officially join the ČSA fleet, which now includes 50 aircraft.

“With one exception, all ČSA aircraft bear the names of Czech cities,” pointed out ČSA’s President, Radomír Lašák, adding: “As the national carrier, we want to present, both abroad and on the domestic market, the Czech Republic and its cities, which are worth visiting.  Part of our new strategy is to present quality Czech products and services to passengers, not just onboard our flights.”

ČSA received the three new aircraft in March, April, and May.  The new Airbuses will be flying on regular European flights, as well as flights to more distant destinations such as Yekaterinburg, Samara, or Yerevan.  The new Airbus A320 aircraft are the first of twelve that were part of a tender for the supply of new generation medium-haul aircraft that took place in October 2004.  The Company will receive another three A320 and two A319 aircraft next spring.  The contract will be completed in 2008, with the delivery of four A319 aircraft.

Long-Haul Fleet
As well as the modernisation of the medium-haul fleet, ČSA is also considering the renewal and expansion of its long-haul fleet, and the introduction of new long-haul flights, particularly to East Asian countries.  One of the next internal steps will be the creation of an expert committee, which will examine, among other matters, all aspects of the development of the long-haul fleet, make recommendations to ČSA’s statutory bodies for their decision, and in the case of a decision to purchase new airplanes, be responsible for the proper administration of the tender.  The future fleet should consist of four to six aircraft for long-haul flights, which means flights of distances exceeding 4,000 kilometres, corresponding approximately to a four-hour flight.

As part of a move to improve facilities for business clients on current long-haul routes, the ČSA  Board of Directors has decided to modernise the company’s four existing A310 long-haul aircraft.  Among other things, this should include the replacement of seats and audiovisual technology with more comfortable and modern equipment.

Airbus A320 Technical Specifications
The Airbus A320, with a capacity of 162 passengers, offers passengers the opportunity to travel in more comfort, thanks to more spacious, wider cabin dimensions, and larger storage space for luggage above passenger seats.  ČSA offers two classes on all flights - Business and Economy Class.  Modern onboard communication technology, including current flight information, and a state-of-the-art audiovisual system, using LCD displays located above the passengers’ heads, are also standard.

The Airbus A320 has a 1200km longer flight range than the current medium-haul aircraft in the ČSA fleet, and it is approximately 5% faster than the classic generation of Boeing 737s.  The operation of the Airbus A320 is also very economical, thanks to lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and better performance on shorter runways; and it is ecologically “cleaner”, as it meets stricter noise and emission standards, and offers a significantly higher load capacity.

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Jana Víšková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson