20. 3. 2006 - ČSA Expands Its Summer Flight Schedule by Adding New East-Bound Routes

Prague, March 20, 2006

After years of notable expansion, the new summer flight schedule of Czech Airlines, which comes into effect on March 26, 2006, provides further evidence of the stabilization of the carrier's overall demand picture and shows an increase in its capacity to offer flights to more prospective destinations, namely in Eastern Europe. The Ukrainian city of Odessa has been added to the schedule as a new destination and the airline's charter flights will start providing service to the Cape Verde Islands for the first time.

Besides the introduction of the new route to Odessa, other major changes in the airline's summer schedule of flights include an increase in the number of flights to Athens, Istanbul, Zagreb, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Yerevan, Yekaterinburg and Sarajevo. For this summer's season ČSA will renew its service to a second New York airport, Newark. The airline will also be closing down some of its existing routes – specifically, its service to Colombo in Sri Lanka, Birmingham in England and also its service to Baku and Göteborg.

There will be no significant changes in the domestic flight schedules for the summer, compared to the winter. Service to the following regular destinations will be provided: Ostrava 4 daily flights, Brno 2 daily flights and up to 5 daily bus connection.The regular daily connection between Prague and Sliač, Slovakia will remain unchanged. 

From April through June, ČSA will also be upgrading its fleet with the addition of three new Airbus A320 – 200 aircraft, each with a capacity of 162 passengers. Czech Airlines is planning to use these planes for regular service across its entire network – but especially, for its longer flights. Thanks to its greater seating capacity, the A320 will also be used for service on routes where there is greater demand.  

All information about the new summer flight schedule, including a departure and arrival timetable, can be found at www.csa.cz.

Jitka Novotná,
ČSA Spokesperson