15. 8. 2006 - Heathrow Airport Again Permits Hand Baggage

Prague, 15 August 2006

London Heathrow Airport is continuing to impose strict security measures.  On Tuesday, they were, however, relaxed and CSA passengers travelling from this airport may now – unlike previously - take one piece of hand baggage aboard with them.  Passengers may now also take battery-powered devices on board, such as notebooks and mobile telephones.

They can now also take their personal belongings aboard, as well as solid food.  Also prescribed medicines with a name that matches the name in the passenger’s ticket, as well as 50 ml of liquid and gels – the passenger must be able to taste these in front of the checking staff.  Passengers are not allowed to bring larger amounts aboard with them.

Non-prescription pills are allowed, liquid and gel medications are allowed only if they are for children and food for travelling children may be taken aboard if tasted.

No other liquids, gels, or pastes may be brought on board at Heathrow airport, including cosmetics, creams, tooth paste, deodorants and non-prescription medication in tubes or sprays, including packaged water, food in tubes and tins.  Lighters are also prohibited.  

The one piece of hand luggage must not be larger than 45 cm x 35 cm x 16 cm, including wheels and side pockets.  A camera bag is considered baggage.

All passengers must submit to personal checks, and have their footwear X-rayed.  Passengers travelling to the United States must undergo another strict check in the lounge prior to boarding the airplane.

No special security measures apply on CSA airplanes travelling from Prague to the UK, passengers may have hand baggage (including liquids, electronic devices, etc.) and do not go through a security inspection of footwear.

All previous security measures still apply to direct flights from Prague to the US.  Not even liquids, gels or aerosols purchased in the transit zone may be brought aboard.  The same measures apply to passengers travelling from Canada to Prague.  There are no restrictions in the opposite direction.

No restrictions apply to CSA passengers flying to other destinations.  Increased attention is, however, paid to all checks in general, and we recommend that passengers take as few things aboard as possible, in order to speed up the checking process.  These checks have significantly prolonged passenger check-in time and we therefore recommend that passengers report to the check-in at least 3 hours before their flight.

Daniela Hupáková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson