15. 8. 2006 - CSA Flights to Warsaw and Beograd Celebrate 60 Years of Their Existence

Prague, 15 August 2006

Czech Airlines is currently celebrating sixty years since the establishment of a regular air connection between Prague and Warsaw and between Prague and Beograd. The first CSA regular flight to the Polish metropolis was on 13 August 1946; and, the flight to what was then Yugoslavia took place two days later.

“In the first half of this year alone, the flights to Beograd were used by eighteen thousand passengers.  The Warsaw flights have carried more than thirty-three thousand passengers.  In the second half, we expect to see a slight increase; the trend is looking similar to that of the last two years,” said the Executive Director of Sales Support, Zdeněk Brettschneider, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the flights.  Compared to last year, the number of passengers travelling on the Warsaw route has increased by 25 per cent; and, in the case of the Beograd route, the increase has been about five per cent.

In 1946, the year being celebrated with this year's anniversaries, new connections were established to a total of eight destinations.  The only other years that saw a similar large network expansion were 1992 and 2004,” said Vice-President for Marketing and Product Development, Marie Macounová, in commenting about the expansion of air transport sixty years ago.  The inclusion of Poland and Yugoslavia in that first wave of post-war expansion of air traffic is evidence of the significance of those destinations to the post-war development of our country.

The Czech national carrier has flights from Prague to Warsaw three times a day on business days and twice a day during weekends.  To Beograd, CSA first flew twice a week, and now it has added another weekly flight. CSA also offers another four flights a week in co-operation with JAT Airways.  In the very beginning, Douglas DC-3 airplanes were used for both destinations. Now, both routes are served by ATR 72 or Boeing 737 aircrafts.

Numbers of passengers transported on CSA flights:

Varšava55 50069 400
Bělehrad36 66038 430
Daniela Hupáková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson