11. 8. 2006 - Security Measures on CSA Flights

Prague, August 11, 2006

Because of the attempted terrorist attack in London, Czech Airlines (CSA), following the U. S. Transportation Security Office regulations, has introduced additional security measures. Passengers on direct flights to and from the USA are prohibited from bringing aboard liquids or gels, e.g. beverages, shampoos, suntan lotions, toothpaste, hair gels and similar items. Exceptions are baby food, breast milk or juice for travelling babies and infants, prescribed medicines with a name that matches the name in the passenger’s ticket, insulin and other essential non-prescription medicines. No liquids or gels bought in the transit zone may be brought aboard, either. Passengers are also recommended to travel as light as possible to speed up the security checking process. However, hand luggage is not prohibited. Notebooks, telephones and cameras are also permitted.

All passengers travelling to the USA must also undergo a footwear security check – shoes must be taken off and X-rayed. An exception is made for disabled and elderly passengers who cannot take their shoes off. They must undergo an Explosive Trace Detection examination. Because of these measures, passenger-handling time has increased significantly, therefore we recommend arriving for departure ideally 3 hours before the flight.

The same measures apply to passengers travelling to Prague from Canada. There are no measures in the opposite direction. 

There are no special security measures on CSA flights from Prague to the UK; hand luggage (including liquids, electronics, etc.) is permitted and passengers do not undergo the footwear security check. The same situation, i.e. no restrictions, applies to passengers flying with CSA to all other destinations. However, passengers are generally being checked more thoroughly, and therefore also in this case the fewer items passengers take aboard the faster the check in process is.

However, strict security measures still apply at London Heathrow Airport. For security reasons, the British Government has ordered all air carriers not to allow passengers departing from London to take any hand luggage aboard. Nor are passengers allowed any battery-powered devices, for instance notebooks or mobile phones. Only essential items are allowed on board – passports, money, medication and baby food. Everything must be in transparent plastic packaging.  All passengers have to undergo a personal search and must have their shoes X-rayed. Those travelling to the United States of America undergo another rigorous check in the area before boarding the aircraft.


Jana Víšková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson