10. 7. 2006 - Holiday passengers can now reserve seats with ČSA up to a year in advance

10 July 2006

Czech Airlines has introduced a new service for passengers on charter flights. Now when purchasing a holiday through a travel agency they can reserve the seat they want in the aircraft.

This new service, not yet offered by any other airline, has been introduced by ČSA after receiving frequent requests from travel agencies wanting to allow their clients to reserve and guarantee their seats in the aircraft when purchasing their holiday, often months in advance. This has never before been possible, even for a charge. Now this above-standard service is available through travel agencies for a minimal contractual charge to cover the extra administrative and technical load on the airline and its increased costs. These charges are under one thousand Czech crowns per seat per holiday and depend on the contract with the agency in question.

In our experience this option is particularly important for families with children who do not want to sit apart,” says Zdeněk Prejzek, Director of ČSA Charters, who continues: “If they arrive at the check-in relatively late, there might not be enough free seats together for them all. Tall people are also very interested as they will be able to ensure they have more legroom, particularly on long-haul flights. Of course, others simply want to sit as comfortably as possible.

Travel agency clients travelling with Czech Airlines now have an option: they can either try to get the seat they want just before departure free of charge as before, or play it safe and reserve the seat they want when they purchase their holiday and pay a charge for this guarantee.

It is up to the travel agency whether they want to provide this service to their clients free of charge as a bonus with the holiday, whether the client will have to pay the full charge or whether they will even increase the charge to cover their own administrative costs connected with reserving a specific seat on a specific flight,” Zdeněk Prejzek explains.

Czech Airlines introduced the option of reserving seats for passengers in economy class on charter flights at the time of purchasing the holiday for its business partners (travel agencies) at the start of this summer season. This was preceded by a winter testing period. There has been no change for passengers on regular ČSA flights – on regular flights in Europe passengers can request a specific seat on an aircraft at check-in, and this seat will be reserved for the passenger free of charge if it is available. There is currently no way to reserve a seat in advance. However, on long-haul ČSA flights seat reservation is possible, free of charge and common practice when the ticket is purchased.

Jana Víšková,
Czech Airlines Spokesperson