1. 6. 2006 - More than 200 thousand children travelled on board

The significant growth in the number of air passengers has also brought an increased number of young passengers travelling by air. During last year, Czech Airlines welcomed aboard over 208 thousand children on regular and charter flights, which is 53 thousand more than the year before.

Three and a half thousand children aged 5 to 12 travelled with CSA in 2005 without a parent or guardian, using Czech Airlines’ free service for children without a guardian. The personnel of the national air carrier look after these children during the entire flight, both on the ground and in the air.

A special service is provided for all our small passengers on board our aircraft. During the flight, our personnel give the parents of the youngest passengers a baby package containing disposable diapers, baby rattle etc. On long-haul flights, the parents can use a suspended basket to lay down the baby during the flight.

Children aged 2 to 12 receive a special children’s package with colouring books, colour pencils or a board game and other items to keep them entertained during the flight, which also helps their creativity, imagination and concentration. All the items in the gift package conform to strict safety standards and are completely safe. Comprehensibility plays a very important role because all children, both Czech children and foreign, must be able to understand everything easily. Special children’s meals can be ordered for children of all ages.

Because of our continuously improving service and facilities for children on our aircraft and the overall trend in the air transport industry, we expect the numbers of children flying with CSA to grow, including those flying without a parent or a guardian.


Jana Víšková
Communication manager
and CSA Spokesperson