6. 12. 2005 - Czech Airlines successfully passes international safety and quality audit

Prague, 6 December 2005

Czech Airlines has successfully passed an IATA (International Air Transport Association) audit which ranks the company among the best world airlines in the field of safety.  The IOSA (the IATA Operational Safety Audit Programme) screens the operational safety and quality of airlines.  Airlines participating in the programme have to prove that they meet extensive international operational safety and quality standards.  Czech Airlines complied with all requirements and passed the audit with no findings.

“The in-depth audit has assessed 661 operational parameters and identified no finding. We’ve proven that we comply with the most stringent safety regulations and are among the safest world’s airlines,“ said Jaroslav Tvrdík, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Czech Airlines.

The main objective of the IOSA programme is the systematic improvement of flight operations safety through the unification of evaluation methods for operational control and the company’s system of monitoring.  The unified system ensures the same minimum safety and quality levels for airline operations and also provides comparable data regarding how they function.

The IOSA standards, as one of the ways to improve operational safety and quality, are required by the SkyTeam alliance (of which Czech Airlines is a member).  The Czech Civil Aviation Authority also recognize the IOSA programme. "The IOSA results correspond with the results of regular audits by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority at CSA. I’m glad that the IOSA results have proven the high safety standards of our civil aviation", said Jindřich Ploch, Director, Czech CAA.

In addition to guaranteed safety, membership in the IOSA programme also brings with it cost reduction for both CSA and cooperating carriers, for example, code-shared flights, and also other business partners (e.g., travel agencies).

The IOSA audit took place at Czech Airlines at the end of September and was carried out by  the American company, United PROS.  A team of six auditors focused on auditing flight operations, ground operations, cargo transport, maintenance, protection against acts of unlawful interference, training, and the company’s management system.  The auditors identified no findings whatsoever which is an excellent result.  Such a result reflects the long-term efforts of Czech Airliners in the areas of safety and quality and underscores the high level of CSA operational activities and the professionalism of its employees.

The IOSA auditing programme is mandatory for all IATA member carriers.  Airlines have to undergo the audit by the end of 2005 and it may be carried out by one of seven IATA-accredited organizations.


Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson