15. 7. 2005 - Czech Airlines introduces a new look for its in-flight magazine CSA Review

Prague, 15 July 2005

Czech Airlines has prepared for its passengers a completely new look for CSA Review, its in-flight magazine.  From 1 July, Czech Airlines customers may browse through a brand new, 130-page bi-monthly, rich in picture presentation and interesting topics focused especially on aviation and travel.  The AC&C Public Relations firm will be doing all of the work surrounding the new CSA Review.  This bilingual magazine (in Czech and English) is offered to all passengers aboard CSA airplanes free of charge.

The CSA Review has undergone a complete graphic as well as content transformation reflecting the current trends of in-flight magazines of global airlines and CSA customer desire.  “We are reacting to the chancing composition of CSA’s clients.   We’d like to offer our customers relevant and interesting reading,“ says Vladimír Jičínský, Director, CSA Communications.

In addition to a completely new and contemporary feel for magazine, the cooperation with AC&C Public Relations also marks a significant cut in the magazine expenditures.  Costs are now down by up to 30% per issue.

Each issue of the new CSA Review will have a main theme.  In this summer holiday issue, the topic is “Crossroads” – containing interesting reading about, for example, Prague – the Crossroads of Cultures, Romania – UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites Centre, and information on typical Czech cuisine and spas, as well as a special on the A380 – the world’s largest passenger jet.

Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson