14. 6. 2005 - Czech Airlines increases its catering capacity to 18 000 meals per day

Prague, 14 June 2005

This week, Czech Airlines has completed the reconstruction of its catering building, with the objective of increasing its production and extending the offer of its catering services.  In this way, CSA is answering both the increased demand due to the growing number of passengers on its flights as well as increased interest from other airlines.

“The production of meals for flights has increased from 15 000 to 18 000 a day, which will allow us to satisfy our growing demand as well as the demand for high-end catering services at Prague airport from other airlines, and last but not least, to compete for contracts in the non-airline transport segment,“ says Jiří Pos, Vice-president for Ground Operations, CSA.

The reconstruction especially enlarged the area for assembling ready-made meals, the number of ramps grew from five to ten and also the storage capacity for in-flight material increased.  Total investment in the reconstruction reached 136 million CZK and the extended capacity may raise the planned revenues from services for third parties by up to 25%

Innovations for passengers
CSA has prepared several catering and in-flight service innovations for its passengers, based on current catering trends.  From the beginning of the Summer Season, mixed drinks are being served in Business Class on long-haul flights and there is a new menu in Travel Class adapted to the length of flight and time of the day.  For the upcoming Winter Season, CSA plans a new Business menu for all flights, including 17 special meals, satisfying the specific requirements of our clients and observing, e.g., religious (kosher) or health (gluten-free, vegetarian) needs.  Meals and beverages will be served on completely new dishware as well and there will be new programmes for children and a wider selection of periodicals and films.

CSA in-flight services cooperate with DUNI
CSA in-flight services will cooperate with the renowned Belgian company DUNI.  DUNI will participate in the design and delivery of top-class in-flight equipment, such as dishware, cutlery and napkins.  The cooperation with DUNI will allow CSA to reduce the number of in-flight stuff suppliers from an original number of 48 down to 8, and to reduce costs by 39 million CZK over the next three years.

CSA Catering represents the top-end in Europe and it is also one of the most important non-transport activities of Czech Airlines.  It provides services to passengers of other airlines, for example, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Scandinavian Airlines, TAP Portugal and Turkish Airlines.  All hygiene conditions surrounding production comply with the rigorous requirements set down by the European Union.

Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson