4. 5. 2005 - CSA launches a great new campaign

Prague – May 4, 2005

Beginning May 5, CSA began an advertising campaign focused on customers identified as “Business” and “Family” clients. The campaign features 60-second as well as 30-second television spots broadcast on the Nova and Prima television channels, and it also includes advertising in the press and on billboards. The campaign is expected to reach more than 8.5 million customers and potential clients on the Czech market and it will continue until the end of June.

“The goal of the spot is to create an emotional link between the customer and the CSA brand and therefore maintain CSA’s top position in peoples’ minds when they are choosing an air carrier,” explains Karla Doležilová, Director CSA Marketing.

The main message of the TV spot, which features the individual professions at CSA, is to underline the passion and hard work put in by CSA employees – how everything that CSA staff do is for the clients’ satisfaction regardless of the size of the task at hand or whether the staff member is in direct contact with passengers or not.

Advertisements for the press will be published in a wide variety of periodicals (from daily to bi-monthly). Billboards too will be visible throughout the whole of the Czech Republic.

This advertising campaign is the first of its kind in the modern history of Czech Airlines.

Television spot

Jitka Novotná,
CSA Spokeswoman