25.3.2005 - Czech Airlines successfully completes negotiations with Airbus SAS regarding purchase of new-generation A320 family airplanes

Prague, 25 March 2005

Today, after almost five months of negotiations, Czech Airlines and Airbus negotiating teams have agreed on the final text of an agreement for the delivery of 12 medium-haul new-generation airplanes of the Airbus A320 family.  The agreement defines the economic, legal and business conditions of mutual cooperation.

In addition to the specific purchase and delivery conditions for the 2006-2008 period, the agreement outlines a range of additional services and special forms of cooperation, such as the delivery of a training simulator, technical background support, free pilot and technical personnel training, technical assistance and consultancy for aircraft maintenance and servicing.

“CSA management is very pleased with the final agreement, as the expert CSA negotiating team supported by legal advisers from Weil, Gotshal & Manges managed to negotiate a further significant improvement of the conditions, distinctively better than were the benefits resulting from the selection process,“ said Jan Váňa, Executive Director for Strategic Planning and Development, CSA about the concluded talks.

The final contractual wording is now subject to final clearance by the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board which will discuss it at its upcoming April 6th, 2005 meeting.  After this, the contract will be ceremonially signed by both partners. 

Airbus was selected to deliver new airplanes for CSA in October 2004, when its offer won the tender for new-generation medium-haul aircraft.  Meetings between negotiating teams followed, in order to decide on the exact business and legal conditions of the cooperation.  The fact that the contractual documentation consists of several hundred pages indicates the extent of cooperation and the intensity of the negotiations.  

The purchase of new-generation airplanes will markedly rejuvenate CSA fleet, bring additional comfort to passengers and improved competitiveness to the airline – especially  notable are the wider range offered by the new aircraft and the lower overall costs. 

The successful introduction of new-generation medium-haul aircraft is in all respects one of the most important events in the modern-day history of Czech Airlines.

Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson