22. 3. 2005 - CSA management and pilot union concluded collective bargaining

Prague, 22 March 2005

After almost a five-month long marathon of talks, CSA management and pilot union CZ ALPA signed a Declaration of concluding collective bargaining today. Both parties agreed on all conditions of a three-year collective agreement to be concluded between CSA management and CZ ALPA; its technical and legal aspects will be fine-tuned over the following days.

“I welcome the termination of bargaining, especially because it is one of the conditions of the long-term stability of CSA. A three-year collective agreement with CZ ALPA is based on high productivity of CSA flight personnel while keeping high safety of flight operations. These are starting points for the success of CSA in the tough competition on the market,“ said Jaroslav Tvrdík, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of CSA.

“We do care about the development and prosperity of CSA and are aware of the complicated situation in airline business. The agreement guarantees pilots gradual getting on par with pilots in the EU,“ said Radomil Kratochvíl, CZ ALPA leader.

CZ ALPA CSA pilot union was the last of nine union organisations at CSA without concluded collective bargaining. Collective agreements have been signed with eight unions and among other benefits they assure CSA employees of an average wage growth of 5.3% in 2005.  

The upcoming collective agreement with CZ ALPA CSA, among other things, allows for a wage growth of 12.5% in 2005 and 15.5% in 2006 and 2007. The above average growth is based on high productivity of CSA pilots. CSA expects to move up to 7th place in the AEA (Association of European Airlines) rating in the average number of flown hours. 

The pilots and CSA management also agreed that the top priority of the airline is a high level of operations safety and the new CSA flight operations safety norm specifies stricter rules to eliminate the risks of overload than are those applied in the EU, while keeping a higher productivity of pilots. Accord has also been reached in flight personnel health protection, the management promised to co-finance a project regarding research in air crew working environment.

On behalf of CSA the negotiations were conducted by Vice-president for Human Resources,  Jaroslav Švábík and Vice-president for Flight Operations, Peter Jusko who were supported by the CSA President, Jaroslav Tvrdík. Captain Radomil Kratochvíl led the CZ ALPA team.  The final proposal regarding wages accepted by both parties came from the team of mediators from the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague, led by Petr Moos, Vice-dean of the faculty, other members of the team are Václav Skurovec and Otto Pastor.

Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson