18. 3. 2005 - First new-generation Airbus now at CSA

Prague, 18 March 2005

The first Czech Airlines new-generation medium-haul Airbus A320 airplane landed at Prague Ruzyně airport yesterday evening.  The airplane is intended for scheduled regular CSA transport and was acquired through operative leasing from the SALE (Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprises) leasing company.  According to the leasing contract, CSA passengers will be flying with the new plane over the following 6 years.  The introduction of the airplane is planned for the CSA Summer timetable, i.e., from 27 March 2005.

The arrival of the first new-generation Airbus is a long awaited milestone in the history of Czech Airlines,“ says the chief of the introductory team and commander on the airplane’s first flight, Dušan Janeček who adds: “After thirteen years, CSA is introducing a completely new type of aircraft.  The last type to be introduced was the Boeing B-737 which is now widely used but will eventually be replaced by the new A320’s.

The new airplane was carefully selected – CSA wanted to choose an airplane with a passenger cabin that matched the airline’s standards and requirements as closely as possible.

The maximum capacity of the OK-GEA airplane is 156 seats, depending on the number of seats that are to be in Business and Travel classes.  Thanks to the more spacious and, especially, wider cabin, passengers will travel more comfortably and also be able to stow their baggage in larger overhead bins.  Modern technology is also available, including flight information and a top quality audio/visual system using LCD screens located over the heads of the passengers.

The airplane has a 1 200km-longer range than the current medium-haul airplanes, which will allow CSA to add attractive new destinations to its network – destinations where its current airplanes cannot reach.  When compared to the classic Boeing 737’s, the new airplanes are about 5% faster, flying with them is friendlier on the environment, i.e. they better comply with stricter noise and emission norms, and in addition to the mentioned wider range they also offer a significantly higher net load.  The airplanes are also better equipped for flying in adverse weather conditions.

The Airbus A320 will serve on regular CSA flights to London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Baku, Barcelona, Erevan and Ekaterinburg.

Another Airbus A320 will be added to the CSA medium-haul fleet during the month of April and will be used as of May.
During the high season, each of the airplanes will be used almost 14 hours a day.

Arrival of the first Airbus A320 - video

Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson