1. 11. 2005 - CSA to offer new product – original Christmas gift vouchers

Prague, 1 November 2005

This pre-Christmas season, Czech Airlines has developed a new product for the airline market – Christmas gift vouchers.  From 1 November till the end of this year, CSA will be offering gift vouchers for the purchase of tickets to all CSA destinations.  This unique offer of “experience” gifts places Czech Airlines along side those airlines breaking new ground in this new field. 

CSA gift vouchers will be in the value of 5 000 or 10 000 CZK, but will be sold for 10 or 15 percent less.  Another advantage of this type of gift will be its great flexibility.  Vouchers are not issued for specific flights and dates but can be used to buy a ticket to any CSA destination at any time.  Vouchers can also be used for airport taxes and other charges.  Travel may be realized within one calendar year, i.e., by 31 December 2006.

Vouchers, in an original Christmas wrapping, will be available at any Czech Airlines office in the Czech Republic and at all IATA agencies, i.e., at 140 different sales points.  Vouchers can also be purchased by simply dialing: 840 17 17 17.  More information can also be found on-line at:  www.czechairlines.com.
CSA pioneers in the field of “experience” gifts
It is not very common for airlines to offer their passengers Christmas vouchers.  “We believe that these Christmas vouchers will inspire those customers who are searching for an interesting, original gift for their nearest and dearest,” says Alena Vachtová about the new product.  She adds: “We’re sure the demand for this type of gift will grow on the Czech market and the product will be a success.”

Voucher sales to be backed up by ad campaign
Together with Christmas voucher sales, CSA is also launching a “Give an experience that lasts a life-time” advertising campaign to support the sales.  The campaign is ready to be launched in print media and on TV, on the Internet, and through other advertising means.  The campaign will run between 7 November and 23 December.

The orientation toward “experience travel” is one of the directions the CSA Sales department has outlined for its transformation project.  Company management expects revenues to grow by up to hundreds of millions of crowns.

Another, and much higher contribution is expected from the launch of the e-business project on 1 September 2005, part of which is, for example, the new Frequent Buyer (OK CORPORATE) loyalty programme for corporate customers.  Also worth mentioning is the area of electronic tickets.  The first two months showed a huge interest by both individual and corporate customers.  The CSA Sales department planned to attract 400 corporate partners by the end of 2005 and this number has already been exceeded by more than 300% (1 208, compared to 80 at the end of 2004).  CSA sells more than 20% of its tickets as e-tickets weekly as well.

Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson