7. 1. 2005 - Czech Airlines to continue its flights to Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Prague, 7 January 2005

Czech Airlines is not cancelling its flights to Southeast Asia, however the number of flights to Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Male (the Maldives) is being reduced from 4 to 2 weekly flights. Within last 14 days after the natural disaster in Southeast Asia, Czech Airlines operated 8 flights to the disaster-stricken area, transporting over 60 tons of humanitarian aid. The Czech Prime Minister, Stanislav Gross, highly appreciated CSA’s assistance at an irregular government meeting on 4 January 2005.

Czech Airlines immediately responded to the disaster in Southeast Asia and focused its assistance on several areas.

CSA adjusted its schedule and in addition to its 7 regular flights, it operated a special Prague-Dubai-Colombo flight. CSA also stopped selling Colombo-Prague reservations and brought to Prague not only its passengers but also clients of travel agencies which reduced their flights to Southeast Asia. CSA clients holding tickets to Sri Lanka for the winter season were informed about a possibility to change their reservation dates free of charge.

CSA immediately offered its Airbus A310 cargo capacity to transport humanitarian aid. The Czech Red Cross, Czech Catholic Charity and other humanitarian organisations sent for example water purifiers, medicines, blankets, bandages, disinfectants, food stuffs, etc. To date, CSA has transported over 60 tons of humanitarian aid, out of them almost 48 tons of packed drinking water, over 12 tons of sanitary and medical supplies. CSA also transported representatives of humanitarian organisations, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs free of charge, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health it ensured medical assistance on flights to Prague. CSA also offered arrangements for professional counselling to Czech tourists affected by the catastrophe.

CSA also sent its own humanitarian aid in the form of first aid kits, sanitary supplies and clothes.

CSA increased the number of staff in its Colombo office, as it was the only source of information for both Czech tourists in Sri Lanka and their families in the Czech Republic on the first days after the disaster.

CSA employees participate in recovery of the disaster-stricken area through internal donations. The collected money will be delivered to the “People in Need” foundation.


Jitka Novotná
CSA Spokesperson