1. 6. 2005 - CSA will teach children English

Prague, 1 June 2005

Today, Czech Airlines and the Tereza Maxová Foundation have begun to cooperate on a project entitled “Under the Wings of CSA” – a charity programme focused on teaching English to children living in children’s homes throughout the Czech Republic.  The programme is meant for children between 10 and 15 years of age in seven Czech children’s homes.  The long-term objective of the project is to provide the children with high-quality language instruction and motivate them to study languages throughout their lives.  During the courses the children will have a chance to speak with native speakers and the best students will be awarded with a language course abroad.

Language instruction at children’s homes is at a poor level.  The children have no or very few chances to communicate in foreign languages and their knowledge is usually poorer than that of children growing up with their own families.  Because of this, later in life, the children from children’s homes are also at a disadvantage when looking for jobs.  Children growing up in children’s homes also suffer, more often than the average, from problems concentrating and other learning problems.  For this reason, languages will be taught by specially trained teachers, and an individual approach will be stressed.  A non-traditional teaching approach may also add to the removal of communication barriers.

Czech Airlines opens the world up to its passengers, and similarly, the English language will open the world to children from Czech children’s homes.  Ideally, in the future, both of these aspects could be combined and those children could become our employees,“ says Jaroslav Tvrdík, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CSA. 

I’m very grateful to all those individuals and companies that help children in any way.  If we are successful in identifying and solving a particularly serious problem, I’m even more delighted,” says Tereza Maxová, the founder and sponsor of the foundation.

The language teaching will take place directly in the children’s homes.  This differs from standard school education, especially with the individual approach taken by the teachers and because of the possibility of communicating with native speakers.  Throughout the school year, children will have a chance to participate in an incentive competition and the winners will travel to attend a language course abroad.  Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the programme.      

CSA also plans to organize meetings between the children and flight attendants, pilots and other people working in the aviation industry – who could motivate the young learners, as foreign languages are an essential part of these employees’ daily duties.

Czech Airlines, as one of the most important enterprises in the Czech Republic, feels a social responsibility and makes every effort to support projects beneficial to society, for example,  aiding abandoned children and supporting the Czech Paralympic Team.

Jitka Novotná,
CSA Spokesperson