27.12.2004 - Czech Airlines adjusts its schedule and provides assistance to disaster stricken Sri Lanka

Prague, 27 December 2004

In connection with the natural disaster in the South-East Asia, Czech Airlines established an Emergency Operation Centre to facilitate flight planning and CSA assistance to tourists and people of the disaster stricken parts of Sri Lanka. CSA stopped selling tickets for the Colombo – Prague sector and will use the entire available capacity for passengers affected by the disaster.  Injured and families with children will be given a priority.

This afternoon, scheduled OK 188 flight departed for Colombo. Following departures from Prague are planned for Tuesday, 28 December and extra flights for Wednesday, 29 December and Thursday, 30 December, back on Tuesday, 28 December, Wednesday, 29 December, Thursday, 30 December and Friday, 31 December. CSA also adjusted its schedule and the Wednesday flight to Dubai will continue to Colombo and offer the available capacity to Czech tourists who cannot return to the Czech Republic because of the disaster. CSA also sent additional staff to Colombo.

CSA offers the free capacity on its flights to transport humanitarian aid. 8 tons of packed drinking water were sent on today’s OK 188 flight from Prague to Colombo. In addition, CSA also sent its own humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka - first aid kits, sanitary supplies and clothing.

Upon request, CSA will change departure dates of passengers who planned to travel to Sri Lanka within the following days, free of charge. Departure dates may be changed free of charge from 27 December to 31 December 2004, provided the passenger selects another departure date until the end of April 2005. Detailed information is available at CSA Call Centre at tel. 239 007 007.

Jitka Novotná,
CSA Spokesperson


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