15. 11. 2004 - Czech Airlines increases fuel surcharge

Prague, 15 November 2004

Czech Airlines, as well as other European air carriers, reacts to the continuous growth in oil and fuel prices and introduces a higher fuel surcharge as of 15 November 2004.

The development of oil prices from the beginning of this year exceeded the original prognoses and costly oil has already increased the operating cots of Czech Airlines by more than 800 million CZK as compared with the figures anticipated in the financial plan regarding fuel. Even the additional fuel surcharge does not fully compensate CSA for the increased fuel costs at current oil prices and the growth in costs will continue.

The temporary surcharge will be applied to tickets reserved from 15 November 2004 and will be 5 EUR for European flights. As of 15 November it represents a growth of 2 EUR per flight. The surcharge does not apply to domestic flights. For long-haul flights where the fuel constitutes a major part of costs, the surcharge will be 10 EUR, i.e. a 5 EUR increase per flight, except for sales in Canada and the USA. For sales in the USA, the surcharge has been calculated for 8 EUR (an increase of 3 EUR) and for sales in Canada for 6 EUR (an increase of 1 EUR) as of 15 November. It is a temporary measure and it will be automatically cancelled when the oil price listed at Rotterdam stock market goes down bellow 40 USD a barrel and remains at that level for 30 days as a minimum.

CSA thus joined other major carriers, such as Air France, British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, that have already announced additional fuel surcharge due to further inadequate growth in oil prices.


Jitka Novotná,
CSA Spokesperson