5. 8. 2004 - Thanks to cooperation with Malév, CSA offers five new destinations in Southeast Europe

Prague, 5 August 2004

Czech Airlines and the Hungarian airline, Malév, have launched a new form of mutual partnership – resulting from previous agreements concluded by the Presidents of both airlines and from the planned associate membership of the Hungarian carrier in the SkyTeam alliance.  The new, closer cooperation between CSA and Malév especially concerns new codeshare flights to destinations where only one of the partners has been flying to date.  Five new destinations have thus been added to the Czech Airlines network – Pristina, Sarajevo, Temesvar, Tirana, and Varna.  Malév too will benefit, with 10 new destinations where CSA flights will carry Malév’s code.

“Thanks to ideal connecting times at Budapest airport, cooperation with Malév brings the customers of Czech Airlines better connections to destinations in Southeast Europe.  CSA passengers can enjoy CSA Frequent Flyer benefits on these flights, and possibly even the benefits of other SkyTeam programmes.  Prague becomes the most favourable hub for Malév’s passengers.  They may take advantage of the new connections on the code-share CSA and Malév flights from Prague to ten destinations in Western Europe,“ said Zuzana Řezníčková, Vice-president for Marketing and Sales at CSA.

This cooperation between CSA and Malév means that from today selected flights operated by Malév from Budapest carry CSA codes as well.  The following flights carry the “OK” code, plus a four-digit flight number:

  • Budapest – Pristina (Kosovo / Serbia)
    Flight OK 3336 / 3337, operated daily by Boeing 737’s.
  • Budapest – Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Flight OK 3332 / 3333, operated daily by Fokker F70’s and Canadair Regional Jets.
  • Budapest – Temesvar (Romania)
    Flight OK 3320 / 3321, operated daily by Fokker F70’s and Boeing 737’s.
  • Budapest – Tirana (Albania)
    Flights OK 3348 / 3349 and OK 3350 / 3351, operated twice a day by Boeing 737’s and Fokker F 70’s.
  • Budapest – Varna (Bulgaria)
    Flights OK 3360 / 3361 and OK 3362 / OK 3363, operated daily, except for Sundays, by Fokker F70’s and Canadair Regional Jet. 

Likewise, CSA flights from Prague to 10 destinations in Western and Northern Europe will now carry the codes of Malév – “MA”.  These destinations are – Barcelona, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Manchester, Oslo, Gothenburg, Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius.

In addition to the new code-share flights, cooperation on the Prague - Budapest route will continue.  It is operated up to 5 times a day in both directions – carrying the codes of both carriers – 3 times a day by CSA airplanes (B737’s and ATR’s) and 2 times a day by Malév airplanes (B737’s / CRJ / F70’s).

The new form of cooperation between CSA and Malév is the closest partnership yet between two national carriers from the new EU member countries.  For both carriers this represents not only a wider offer of services for their passengers, but also remarkable economic benefits resulting from the joint operation of code-share flights.


Jitka Novotna
Spokesperson CSA