25. 6. 2004 - Czech Airlines shows a profit of 70.6 million Czech crowns in 2003

Prague, 25 June 2004

According to audited results, CSA showed a profit of 70.6 million Czech crowns in 2003 and transported half a million passengers more than in the previous year (2002).

“Czech Airlines succeeded in facing up the adverse influences on the demand for air transport last year and flexibly reacted to changes in the market. According to Czech Accounting Standards, the company achieved a profit of 70.6 million CZK in 2003. Also a positive result of 19.5 million USD according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) shows the improving financial position of CSA,” said Jaroslav Tvrdík, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, CSA.

In addition to the positive financial indicators, other transport indicators such as the number of transported passengers, the seat load factor, the volume of transported cargo and the number of realized flights also grew dynamically.

A total of 3 592 million passengers were transported on CSA flights, which represents a year-on-year increase of 17.2%. Out of this number 243.6 million were on charter flights, and 53.1 thousand were on domestic flights (an increase of 9.8%).

The highest number of passengers was transported on CSA regular-schedule European flights, 88.2% of the total volume. 6.3% were transported on long-distance flights to and from North America and 5.5% to the Middle East and Asia.

CSA airplanes transported 21 092 tons of cargo and mail. The seat load factor improved from 71.3% in the previous year to 72.7% in 2003. CSA’s airplanes flew 27 022 flights and more than 54 517 thousand kilometres.


Jitka Novotna
Spokesperson CSA