18. 6. 2004 - Czech Airlines introduces two new ATR 42-500’s

Czech Airlines introduces two new ATR 42-500’s – named after the towns of Slavkov u Brna and Namest nad Oslavou

Prague, 18 June 2004

In the presence of Václav Klaus, the Czech President; Petr Kostík, the Mayor of Slavkov u Brna; Vladimír Měrka, the Mayor of Náměšť nad Oslavou; Filipp Bagnato, the Director of Aerospatiale Alenia (the French-Italian manufacturer of ATR’s); and legendary RAF pilot, František Peřina, as well as other prominent guests – two completely new CSA ATR 42-500 airplanes were given names. The airplanes, to carry the names of Slavkov u Brna, and Náměšť nad Oslavou are a completely new generation of ATR aircraft for the CSA fleet.

Operating these new airplanes means:

  • The beginning of CSA’s fleet modernization program
  • The introduction of a new aircraft interior 
  • Additional development of the CSA fleet’s sophisticated technology – especially top-end avionics systems

“The naming of the new airplanes today continues a tradition that has lasted for over forty years, that is, naming our airplanes after towns in Bohemia and Moravia and in this way representing the individual Czech regions throughout the world, wherever Czech Airlines flies. Slavkov u Brna has a noted history dating back to the beginning of the 19th century and Náměšť nad Oslavou has a long-standing aviation tradition,“ said Jaroslav Tvrdik, CSA President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

ATR 42-500’s – top-of-the-line quality

This May, CSA received the two airplanes from the manufacturer – Aerospatiale Alenia of Toulouse, France. After necessary preparations performed by the CSA Technical Division, both airplanes began regular operations. They will be used mostly on flights to nine destinations in the Czech Republic’s neighbouring countries – e.g., Slovakia and Germany.

ATR 42-500’s are the most modern generation of the turbo-prop class of airplane. They will enhance both in-flight comfort and actual operations. Passengers will note the completely new interior design upon entering the cabin – most noticeable being the blue leather seats. The seating capacity is 46, in Business Class and Economy Class.

Thanks to more modern engines, ATR 42-500’s have even more efficient operations (there is no actual competitor in its category). They have a longer range of operation, a higher cruising speed and are quieter. The sophisticated avionics system are the best available and include, for example, TAS (Terrain Avoidance System).

The two new airplanes (and another will be acquired later this year) increase the CSA turbo-prop fleet to five ATR 42-400’s and four ATR 72-202’s. The acquisition costs are 15% lower than those of the current fleet. Czech Airlines plans to complete the modernization of its turbo-prop fleet by 2007. This year, the CSA fleet will see 8 new airplanes, increasing the total number to 43 airplanes and including ATR 42’s, Boeing 737’s and Airbus A 310’s.
Czech Airlines (CSA) – the Czech flag carrier is the largest national carrier among the new EU member countries according to number of transported passengers. Since 2001, it has been a member of SkyTeam, one of the leading global airline alliances.

In the 2004 Summer Season, CSA aircraft fly to 74 destinations in 44 countries worldwide. The fleet contains 38 aircraft – ATR 42’s/72’s, Boeing 737’s and Airbus A310’s.
This year, CSA plans to carry a record number of passengers, the estimated total for 2004 is 4.6 million. Within the first four months of 2004 the number of passengers grew by more than 30%.

In May the airline won the OAG (Official Airline Guide, London) Award as “Best Airline Based in Central/Eastern Europe”. The award marked the expansion of Czech Airlines into Europe when the Czech Republic joined the European Union. 


Dana Dvorakova
Communication Director CSA