27. 5. 2004 - CSA showed 30.2% growth in the number of transported passengers in the first four months of 2004

Prague, 27 May 2004

Satisfactory financial indicators for the first quarter of 2004 – especially growth in revenues, productivity, and other economic performance indicators all added to the high growth in transport results.

In April 2004, Czech Airlines recorded high growth in the number of transported passengers once again. The increase reached 29.9% in a year-to-year comparison, when CSA transported 346.3 thousand passengers in the fourth month of this year. Czech Airlines showed similar high growth indicators in other performance data, such as, e.g., transported cargo or seat load factor. Within the January-April 2004 period, CSA transported a total of 1.171 million passengers, representing a year-to-year increase of 30.2% when compared to the year 2003.

The economic results of the company also showed a significant growth in the four months of 2004, in comparison to the same period last year and with the financial plan for 2004 in mind. The total income was 73.8% higher than planned, and represented a growth of 402 million CZK.

“The positive results shown in the first quarter unambiguously prove the healthy state of the company’s new strategy, based on internal optimization and external expansion,” says the CSA President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jaroslav Tvrdík.

In the month of April, CSA operated 2 491 flights, which is 14.3% more when compared to the last year. Within the January-April 2004 period, CSA operated 9 161 flights; representing a significant year-to-year growth of 15.2%. In the same period the seat load factor grew by 3.8 percent and reached an average of 69.2%.

Besides passenger transport indicators, transported cargo also saw growth. Cargo transport showed a year-to-year increase of 17.4% in April, reaching a total of 1 979 tonnes. When comparing the cumulative data for January-April, CSA’s transported cargo weight grew by 19.7%, the total weight for the four months being 7 498 tonnes.

“The continued growth in the number of transported passengers over the four months of this year proves the success of the CSA sales strategy. Czech Airlines joined the European Union as the largest air carrier among the new member countries, and is also in very good economic shape, allowing it to make the best of the new business opportunities now opening up after entry into the EU,“ says Zuzana Řezníčková, Vice-President for Marketing and Sales, CSA, who adds: “The success of our commercial policy is supported by the great interest shown by our customers in the new product Europe for 2 990 CZK launched in April and also their interest in tickets for our intercontinental flights where most seats to the USA and Canada have already been sold up until September.”

Aimed at supporting a similar high level of growth in the upcoming months, CSA has begun its strategy of massive expansion onto new markets, where 7 completely new destinations were added to the network – Baku, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Krakow, Luxemburg, Marseilles, and Dortmund, as of the Summer Season timetable.

Looking at CSA’s financial plan, the following indicators showed a significant growth as well – the added value per employee (by 30.7%), revenues per number of employees (by 10.3%) and the total number of transported passengers per number of employees (by 6.9%). 


Dana Dvorakova
Communication Director CSA