1. 11. 2006 - From 6 November, CSA to Introduce Stricter Security Measures, in Compliance with a European Commission Decision

Prague, 1 November 2006

As of Monday, 6 November 2006, Czech Airlines will introduce stricter security measures on their flights, pursuant to a Decision of the European Commission.

New rules will apply to transportation of liquids in cabin baggage.  Passengers will be allowed to carry only small volumes of liquids with them on board.  The individual package volumes must not exceed 100 ml, and all bottles must be stored in a transparent closable bag with a volume of one litre.  In observing this rule, passengers will be allowed to transport water and other drinks, perfumes, shower gels, shampoos, creams, sprays, pastes, and other similar goods.  Exceptions are medicinal and diabetic products, including baby food, which are allowed in larger volumes.

Allowed on board are liquids purchased in airport shops, e.g., drinks and perfumes.  If such products are purchased at shops in an EU airport, after security controls, the goods can be brought on board without limitation.  Drinks purchased at airport shops before security controls must be wrapped and sealed by a security tape.

Drinks and gels are allowed without limitation in all checked baggage transported in the aircraft baggage compartment.

During boarding control, all passengers will be requested to have their coats or jackets scanned separately by x-rays.  Separate x-ray verification will also be conducted for all electronic devices, including laptop computers.

“Passengers will be informed about the new security regulations valid on CSA’s European flights via the Airline’s sales offices, website, contact centre, or at check-in counters,” said Petr Somol, the CSA Director of Security.

Among items remaining on the list of forbidden articles to carry on board remain all arms, ammunition, knives, toy weapons (e.g., toy pistols, toy grenades), and all other stabbing or cutting articles.  Such items may only be transported in checked baggage.

Hazardous substances such as explosives and ammunition, flammable materials, corrosives, compressed gases, poisons, and toxic or infectious materials, remain subject to special transport regulations.

Remaining in force are limitations on baggage size.  CSA Passengers are allowed on board carry-on baggage with the dimensions 56 x 45 x 25 cm, and personal articles, e.g., purse, coat, scarf, small camera, etc.  The total weight of the cabin baggage and personal articles must not exceed 12 kg in economy class, and 18 kg in business class.
As checked baggage, passengers on CSA flights are allowed, without extra charge, one piece of baggage of 23 kg, in economy class; and of 30 kg in business class.  For flights to the USA and Canada, passengers are allowed two pieces of baggage, each of 23 kg in economy class, and 32 kg in business class.

The new security measures take effect on 6 November on all CSA flights within the EU, and remain in force on all flights to the United States.  Due to the new security measures, it is recommended that passengers present themselves for check-in 2 hours before departure for flights within Europe, and 3 hours for flights to the United States, Canada, and the Middle East.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Press Officer