12. 1. 2007 - ČSA Concludes Contract to Fly an Irish Rugby Team

Prague, 12 January 2007

Czech Airlines (ČSA) has concluded a contract to carry the Munster rugby team from Ireland.  Today, the Irish rugby players will fly on a ČSA Airbus A321 from Cork to Geneva for their European Cup match against CS Bourgoin-Jallieu.  The team will go back immediately after the match on Sunday.

Munster, an Irish Rugby team from the south-east of Ireland, was established in 1880.  Three years ago, it won the Celtic League and currently it is seventh in the league.   On Sunday it will play CS Bourgoin-Jallieu, one of the top teams in the French league for ten years, in the European Cup.

The number of foreign clients booking ČSA charter flights is increasing, both from travel agencies and companies outside the tourist industry, such as sports teams.  In addition to the Munster rugby team, ČSA will take the Irish national football team to a match in San Marino this year.  “We are also negotiating about flying the Irish teams to this year’s rugby tournament in Rome and to the football match in Leeds,” noted Zdeněk Prejzek, ČSA’s Director of Charter Flights.

Sports teams are becoming frequent clients of ČSA’s charter flights.  For instance, ČSA is the choice of the Czech national ice-hockey team and Sparta Prague ice-hockey team.  Sportsmen are demanding clients.  Usually, they require different on-board catering than regular passengers: especially on trips to a match or championship when they want lighter meals.  Transporting their – often very valuable – sports equipment is also more complicated.

Daniela Hupáková
ČSA Spokesperson